BeachBlox Blast

BeachBlox Blast

Workout Date:





Billboard(R), Rubber,Pikachu,Snips(R),Lookout(DR F3Carpex)

The Thang:

AO: Beach Bells/SandBlox
Weather: Awesome! (78F/89% Humidity)

Glad to be back in action on a beautiful Friday morning right on the beach with great weather and great Pax!  This is YHC’s first Q since fracturing a bone in the right foot back in late March.  It has been quite a long road for recovery and YHC has been posting at Salty Gears and at SandBlox the last couple of weeks since these are low impact activities.  YHC has definitely missed being in the gloom with the brothers of F3GrandStrand!

About 5 minutes were dedicated to some good arm and leg stretches to get the muscles loosened up for the beatdown.

Warm Up’s:
->Overhead Clap x 15 (IC)
->Windmill x 15 (IC)
->Little Baby Arm Circles x 15 (IC)
->Little Baby Arm Circles (Reverse) x 15 (IC)
->Through The Tunnel x 15 ((IC)
->Seal Claps x 15 (IC)

Main Event:
16 Rounds of Strength training began while listening to YHC’s strength training jam.  The format was AMRAP for each round to either a 1 or 2 minute timer.  After each round, Rifle Carry (or just carry) block to trash can on beach about 50 feet away and back to start.

1. Curls x (2 min.)
2. Big Boy’s x (1 min.)
3. Overhead Press (1 min.)
4. Flutter Kick’s (1 min.)
5. Block Swing’s (1 min.)
6. Crunchy Frog’s (1 min.)
7. Thruster’s (1 min.)
8. American Hammer’s (1 min.)
9. Bench Press (2 min.)
10. WWII’s (1 min.)
11. Tricep Extension’s (1 min.)
12. Freddie Mercurie’s (1 min.)
13. Squat’s (1 min.)
14. Pretzel Crunch’s (1 min.)
15. Blockee’s (1 min.)
16. Curls (1 min.)
Count O’Rama: (6 Pax)
Name O’Rama:
Announcements:  Freed to Bleed next Friday.
Prayers Requests:  Safe travels for Rubber’s family.  Recovery for an F1 student that Snips knows that is in the hospital.
Honor to lead!💪

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