Beach Bells visits Bomb Squad

Beach Bells visits Bomb Squad

Workout Date:





El Red Cardo, Flyover, Buffet, Skidmark, Vitamin D, Crankbait, Quaker (AOQ) and King James (2.0)

The Thang:

Conditions: low 50s, but clear sky.

YHC had started planning out this boot camp during one of his (oft many) governmental meetings earlier in the week.  The focus (since YHC’s knee limits his ability to run) was going to be on core and functional strength using a Lazy DORA format.  I just needed something else to make the workout a little more challenging and fresh.  Light bulb.  Since YHC Q’d yesterday at #BeachBells and had One-Call’s prized kettle bells (he and #Waverucker were prepping for the GRT and wisely didn’t post), lets bring the KBs to #BombSquad!  Quick call to One-Call to double check if its OK…no problem.  Excellent!

Moreover, YHC’s youngest 2.0 (F3 King James) who posted last Saturday expressed interest last night to post again today.  Sure little man!  Move KBs from work car to personal car (I was planning on going into the office after coffeteria).  #workoutbyitself.

King James and YHC rolled into the AO, staged the KBs and left the whopping 100lb in the middle of the COT for incoming PAX to view in awe before the boot camp started.  PAX arrive; nervous #mumblechatter ensued.

1 Minute warning.

Welcome to F3, disclaimer, mission and we got busy…

Warm Up:

IC 20-25 reps. of : SSH (led by Flyover; YHC did modified slow IWs), TTTs, Windmills, and LBACs forwards & back.

OYO: 10 Burpees.


PAX took turns getting the 100lb KB beast to its spot in the large church parking next to the other KBs.  Buffet carried it the longest!  Then mosey to church main entrance overhang area…


Circuit 1: Partner 1/P1 does 10 Burpees while partner 2/P2 planks; swap out until total number of Burpees is 60.  Burpees don’t seem to phase Crankbait, Flyover and Skidmark…glad I had KBs waiting for them!

Circuit 2: (switch partners/SP): P1 does 1 minute Wall-Sit while P2 does Flutter Kicks, swap out until total time of Wall-Sits is 6 minutes.

Circuit 3: (SP): P1 does 25 Scorpion dry-docks while P2 does Big Boy Sit Ups, swap out until total number of SDD is 150.

Circuit 4: (SP): P1 does 25 Squats while P2 does Heels 2 Heavens, swap out until total number of Squats is 150.

PAX then moseyed to large parking lot where the KB’s were staged and paired up with new partner…

KB CIRCUIT (2 Rounds)

Station 1: Swing (40lb, 50lb or 80lb KB): 30 reps. of PAX choice of weight.  This would be our timer.  Once one of the PAX reached 30 reps., everyone would stop and shift to the next station.  Vitamin D swung the 80lb for 30 reps… good living here!  Quaker put in solid work too despite a sore back; KBs loosened it right up!

Station 2: Merkins with one hand on the KB.  After execution, maintain Merkin position and drag the KB to the other hand and do a Merkin on that side.  Keep going until station 1 PAX had completed their swings.

Station 3: Dancing Bears.  Keep going until station 1 PAX completed their swings.

Station 4: Farmers walk (or double up!), swing or shrug (60lb, 80lb or 100lb) across half parking lot.  Keep going until station PAX had completed their swings.  El Red Cardo doubled up on round 2!

YHC had PAX walk all the KBs on over to the COT lining them up from heaviest to lightest in front of the shovel flag for a group pic.  Just prior to the pic. YHC (with help from Vitamin D) wrapped up with mobility-stretching exercises.


Count-O-Rama 8 and 1 2.o
Praise report/Prayer requests: El Red Cardo’s friend who is recovering, Vitamin D’s adoptive grandmother who passed away, and all unspoken requests.

7 PAX and 1 2.0 for Coffeteria.

Moleskin: Great work today men!  Great camaraderie and #mumblechatter!  Thanks for demonstrating your hard work in front of King James and making him feel apart of the #HIM.  He put in solid work too for a 10 y.o.!  He is playing Fortnight now with his buds telling them about his F3 workout.

Be sure to check out our regional website and get on Slack.
Dragon Boat race @ Market Commons 4/28.
MC Mud Run next month with Skidmark as the Q.
#JudeeChop re-launches 6/9 at #Warthog 6 – 7am.
VQ for El Red Cardo this Monday 4/23!



“Blood, sweat and respect.  The first 2 you give.  The last you earn.”  The great philosopher Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

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