Beach, blocks, and Gods Masterpiece

Beach, blocks, and Gods Masterpiece

Workout Date:





Billboard, Bubbles, spinal tap, Lombardi, Shawda,

The Thang:

First time Qing a blocks are the beach, so needless to say I was a bit nervous.
this is a challenging work out alone, but to come up with a Q that is 1.5 hours even more challenging, all credit to billboard and flash for coming up with this stuff.

Arrived Bright eyed and bushy tailed early before 5, usually I try and get there early to help, billboard grab a few extra blocks and chat with him.
I stared into my  phone going over my Q marking sure I had everything I wanted, billboard arrived out fo the gloomy muggy ness of ocean hwy.

We got out to greet and grabbed our flags and a block and headed to the beach.
Tide was up and there was a bright planet still glowing over the eastern horizon while we set up.
mid you have never been apart of a sun raise beatdown at the beach I highly recommend you get here.

close to 0515 and no one has shown yet, when out of the gloom, we see a slim figure compose himself form the most, Shawda! Coming out for more, soon after Spinaltap emerged form his hole…. and bubbles. Hey we got a good crew this morning,

0515 given 1 min warming. And disclaimer given.

this morning 75 mid humidity and the sun Peking over the ocean.


about 5-10 mins of stretching,

15 TTT

Downward dog


LBAC 15 forward

LBAC 15 reverse

Mosey to box

Walk back

Leg over leg stretch.


Chest stretch

Mosey to box mosey back.

First set

4 sets

5 Man makers

10 cleans

15 over head press

20 curls

Framer carry one side to box and switch hands back.


at this time, the man the myth the legend MR Matt Harris Lombardi comes out of the parking lot carrying a block…. better late than never he says and jumps right in….. AYE.

5 man makers

10 squats

15 swings

20 triceps extensions

Over head walk


stoping in between for a small  break, and we talked about the ongoing of the nation, and I recommended that as men of F3 we are above the noisy ness of all the political crap in the world, we are to be examples, to show that all men are not the same that we can be better. AYE back to work.

5 man makirs

10 over head surrender squats

15 alternating American hammers

20 rows


5 man makers

10 flash-a-maters

15 flutters 4 count

20 block slams

Farmers carry.


Clean and press

Block carry to other end

Block push up.

Block carry back

You carry the block the whole time.

Mosey for break.

AB beat down

Flutters with blocks


American hammers




Blocks to God

10 heels to heaven

50 LBCs


50 lbc


20 curls

20 tricep extensions

5 single arm raises both sides.

Mosey repeat 3 times



with a the ongoings of F3 over the weekend,

name o Rama

prayers and a few pics.

Always an honor to lead,

May you write your worries in the sand

chisel your victory’s in stone.


Over and out.


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