Beach Body? Catapult Bicep Burner is what you missed

Beach Body? Catapult Bicep Burner is what you missed

Workout Date:





Quaker (1st FQ), O’douls, Lug Nut, Pikachu

The Thang:

Well I didn’t plan on Q’ing due to my back injury (again, about 95% now) but we needed someone to step up and thought, this is a perfect opportunity  to make sure I don’t get roped into a bad back workout situation. So I took my ideas and whipped a plan together in my head and figured I could wing the rest at the workout. I think it went well and needed to wait a while to type this because my biceps were still sore and my hands are no longer shaky.

I arrived early to gather six blocks and 12 smaller paver blocks. Loaded them in my truck and took them to the parking lot to lay them out. Figured it would be difficult to carry three blocks without dropping them and wasting time. I needed to get this workout moving cause it’s going to take a while.  By the time I got back Quaker was there with a shovel flag ready for a beat down. O’douls and Lug Nut came in shortly after. Chatter is going well and continues through the workout. Shoot, watch was broken and well O’douls to the rescue with two minute left. Ok one minute warning and time to get this beat down in motion.

Disclaimer, welcome to F3 Etc…..


SSH 15 IC, IW 15 IC, Hairy Rockets, 16 IC, Bat wings (LBAC F, R OHC OHP 15 EA IC, Hillbilly 15 IC

The Thang

Mosey around the church to the Parking lot where blocks are setup. DORA Time.

100 Superman Blocks. Lay on stomach, hold a  small paver stone in each hand and lift up off the ground. Keep feet on ground and stare at the ground.

200 Nose Breakers (or Skull Crushers as Quaker calls them) Hold Block straight in the air, bend arms until Block reaches your nose and push back up. Triceps nose breakers.

300 Curls. Nothing special just a bit of pain.

Circuit two.

Time for some 21’s and not the 21’s your thinking. Been holding this one for a while now.

Move four blocks to first longitudinal parking stripe. While two blocks remain at original starting location. Blocks are approximately 50’ apart.

First is Bicep 21’s. Starting with block at your nuts raise block and stop parallel with your chest, half a curl (seven reps), now start parallel with your chest and touch your chest with the block, second half of the curl (seven reps) now block back goes nut to chest, full curl (seven reps). IE 21’s.

When complete, mosey 50’ to parallel block and 21’s with over head press. Starting at chest raise to forehead (seven reps), starting at forehead raise to full extension overhead (seven reps), then back to chest and full OHP from chest to full extension (seven reps). IE 21’s. B We did four rounds of this (back and forth) with a mosey around the parking lot, latitude, longitude mixed in. My biceps are burning by now and I hope everyone else’s are as well. Time is running out and mosey back to main parking lot to circle up.

Didn’t have a stretching plan so around the circle Pax choice. O’douls decided to go 20 Flutters IC at different speed intervals, Lug Nut went 10 Merkins IC which he quickly regretted after the workout we just did, Quaker did some hamstring stretching and QIC went for arm stretching to help those burning biceps.


Announcements, no Pikachu,  count o Rama says Quaker

needed to count twice because i screwed that up too.

announcements, no Pikachu,  Name o Rama says Quaker. Ugh seriously. Can’t get this right today.

ok, sweet announcements time, I knew I’d get there.

Tuesday nights little ones workout. And Bombsquad tees, need to get order into Skimmer, not 100% sure that’s right.

Special guest Flop shows up to hand out protein bars. I feel like I’m in NYC making a deal for some black market illegal Gatorade bars going through his trunk.

Prayers, Flop joins in.

O’douls has family member prayers needed, Quaker needs prayers for travels to Ocean City.


Hopefully I didn’t miss anything. Thank you men for entrusting me to lead and be part of such and accepting group at #Catapult. Truly is an honor.








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