Beach Burpees

Beach Burpees

Workout Date:





Quaker, Fly Over, Chewy, Skidmark, Rubber, Beefsteak, Kitten, Boxcar (QIC)

The Thang:

Perfect Morning – Around 58 degrees

5:29 – 1 minute warning


SSH – 25 In Cadence

TTT – 25 In Cadence

Big Arm Circles Forward – In Cadence

22 Merkins OYO

Big Arm Circles in Reverse – In Cadence


The Thang:

Beautiful day for a beach run. We ran about 1/4 mile, stopped did 6 burpees and SSH until the rest of the packed caught up. Another 1/4 mile run and then 5 burpees, stopping every 1/4 mile to do burpees. We arrived at the beach. Couldn’t have asked for a better view. From here we did 11’s. Working more of our legs. The comments was made “remember we all need to make it back” The 11’s included squats and lunges. Once completed we walked about 25 yards while stretching and resting. Once completed, we worked our way back to the AO. Again repeating, every 1/4 stop and do burpees. We started at 1 and ended at 6 once we returned to the AO. After arriving we had about 8 minutes left. We did a quick 1o count and headed to the wall. One quick round of 25 oyo Chicken Peckers. From there, back to the lot and 1 round of catch me if you can. Everyone loved it! We circled up and 4 PAX got their choice of what was next. Quaker started with the flutter kick, Fly Over moved on to American Hammers, Chewy with Merkins (Controversial Merkins) and finally Skid mark making everyone happy by ending with 5 more burpees.




Lead Us Out!

All got stronger, always an honor!


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