Beach Church beatdown

Beach Church beatdown

Workout Date:





Bling, Hoser, Lombardi, Valvano, Flop, Kiwi

The Thang:

Conditions Hot, stale and humid

Kiwi and I discussed several weeks before about getting involved in some Elevation Monday workouts but I told him I was not ready to take on the Doug Shaw steps.  We decided we would co-Q a beatdown and run it at the George Bishop overpass.  I brought some cones to set up on the bridge and Kiwi drove me to the top of the bridge.  At 4:30a.m. I didn’t expect to see anyone so I hopped over the barrier to set the first cone.  As I turned to walk down to set the next cone I see the outline of a man smoking a cigarette sitting against the barrier.  If I would have hopped over about 5 yards further down I would have landed right on the man.   With the cones all set we headed back to the Church to wait on PAX to show up.


the Thang:

Short and sweet disclaimer and we are off to the bridge.  All PAX were Rucking and were given the options to bring sandbags but all declined.


Set 1

First Cone – 20 Merkins

Second Cone – 20 Squats

Third Cone – 10 of each exercise then Ruck back to the start

Set 2

First Cone – Lunge Walk to the second cone.  I thought I put the cones closer together but it was a long way.  Somebody (Hoser) remembered a time when a Q made the PAX lunge walk for a 1/4 mile and then was rewarded when in an Event the Cadre made the participants do the same.  According to the Q they finished “in no time flat”.  Seems the Q is still waiting for a “Thank You” (and some free pizza from Kiwi).

Second Cone – 20 Overhead Press with Ruck

Third Cone – Combo 10 each Lunges and Overhead Press then Ruck back to the start

Set 3

Ditch the Rucks and jog to third cone and back (crowd pleaser and all Kiwi’s idea)

Set 4

First Cone – 20 Ruck Curls

Second Cone – 20 Ruck Tricep Extensions

Third Cone – 20 LBCs

Fourth Cone – 10 of each exercise from all the previous sets

Ruck back to Church

Count and Name o Rama

Lombardi will pick up the Q for Wave Rucker this week before heading out to Iowa with the Family.

Thanks to all for the hard work.

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