Bear crawl Friday

Bear crawl Friday

Workout Date:





Kitten, Buffett, sunshine, rubber, flop, Geno, Flatliner, boxcar, skid mark, Chewey, Fly over

The Thang:

On this warm morning, 11 pax showed up. 1 minute warning was given, followed by the disclaimer at 5:30.


20 ssh ic

20 little baby arm circles (forward and reverse) ic

20 ttt ic

20 windmills ic

1 lap around the perimeter of the Village

The Thang:

Tabata mountain climbers

1 lap around the perimeter of the Village

Burpee bear crawl suicides (bear crawl one parking space, run back to start line, 1 Burpee, bear crawl 2 parking spaces, run back to start line, 2 burpees, all the way through 10 parking spaces and 10 burpees)

Mosey to bus parking lot

Tabata Flutter kicks

Mosey back to other parking lot

Merkin crab walk suicides (like bbcs that we did earlier, but with crab walk instead of bear crawl and merkins instead if burpees, through 8 parking spaces.

There was still 1 minute left, so we planked it out at the flag. At 6:15 time was called.


Chewey won the 14-under basketball tournament all by himself.

Dragon boat race: a few more people are needed to fill up a second boat.

Mud run coming up in May

Sunshine wants ideas for a t-shirt for the Village.

Prayers: continued prayers for all the families affected by the shooting in Florida

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