Bear Crawl W/ a twist? Never

Bear Crawl W/ a twist? Never

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Candycane, Crabs, O’douls (CP AOQ), Mrs Doubtfire, Skimmer, Kiwi, Spork, Judge Judy, First Base, Pikachu QIC (Co 3rd FQ)

The Thang:

AO Catapult

Conditions: 40 real feel 29 but not too windy as weather showed this am.

Homebase is definitely Catapult for me. Guys are always receptive and a solid group of men. If your not on the Q sheet, ask yourself why not. Nope we don’t consider ourselves as the best AO in the region. Just a great option to choose from.  I sat down last night and wanted to bring some different movements to the group. I never know how difficult these workouts will be but I try to take easy movements and make your body feel them later. Kinda of like, why am I hurting, the workout wasn’t that hard today.

1 Minute warning and Kiwi immediately looked at his watch to question my decision to start a minute early. Just s little pay back for all the crap I give him. Fair enough.

Proper Disclaimer

15 Harry Rockettes, Tempo Squats ( slight pause to allow two more pax to join and once again Kiwi yelling at me for stalling.) Mtn Climbers, Imperial Walkers, SSH. Wait no Arm Circles. I didn’t know this was possible to do a workout without these.

Mosey to block pile, instructions were to grab a big block to make this work and off to large parking lot. Line up along fence and partner up.

1) Two blocks vertical, get into Plank position and alternating block taps. P2 Mosey to opposite end of parking lot. 200 two count.

2) Mosey to Cross for (new) Bear Crawl step up. Get into Bear Crawl position, facing blocks, left hand then right hand on wall and back down. All while keeping legs at 90 degree angle. 100 four count with partner.

3) Back to parking lot, (new) Lawnmowers as named by First Base. This is a new exercise I made up. Two blocks vertical, one hand stabilize on Block  and one hand grip through the top hole of the block. Cinder block will rest in top of your forearm through the hole and swing out left or right depending in arm. Work the lats on this one. Good back and core exercise 100 with partner.

4) Mosey back to cross (new) Bear Crawl step down. Hands stabilized on ground, Feet on wall, keeping back horizontal, step feet down keeping legs at a 90 degree angle on the bottom. Four count, 100 with partners.

5) Mosey back to parking lot, 70 Abyss merkins.

Take blocks back and circle up.

In 6 for short Mary series

Pikachu 15 Rubber kicks IC

Candycane 15 Box Cutters IC

Crabs 15 LBC IC


Count 10


Announcements Operation Christmas Child is winding down and I didn’t see 45 boxes being an issue for the region to complete but appears we will not reach our goal, but so far we are at 26 and that’s still making difference and that’s all I can ask for. Get in slack, lots going on and get plugged in. 3rd F has allot going on but we are proving options, so don’t get overwhelmed, pick something and run with it. 2F is looking for lunch suggestions for next months calendar. Make a suggestion and help the guys taking the bull by the horns. Great job men! Everyone keep up the good work.

Honor to Lead.



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