Bear crawls, and crab walks, and kittens, oh my

Bear crawls, and crab walks, and kittens, oh my

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The Thang:

On this balmy July morning, we warmed up with 20 ssh, 15 little baby arms circles (forward and reverse), followed by an Indian run in two groups around the church. Following this warmup, we did tabata merkins (20 seconds of merkins AMRAP, followed by 10 seconds of rest a total of 8 times). Then we jogged to the other side of the church, lined up, and did a hellish exercise that cats often do to prepare to pounce on mice: bear crawl one parking space, run back to the starting line, do one jump squat; bear crawl two parking spaces, run back to starting line, do two jump squats; and so on through 10 parking spaces.

At this point, the only sound was panting and the occasional meow. We all ran back to the other parking lot and did tabatas again; this time with mountain climbers. Following another jog to the other side of the church, we lined up again. This time, we crab walked one parking space, ran back to the starting line, and did one big boy sit-up. We repeated this again through 10 parking spaces. By the end, my paws were about to fall off.

Following a short run to the picnic tables, we did a final tabata exercise, this time with dips. We concluded by jogging back to the flag, where we finished with 31 flutter kicks in cadence and 10 burpees oyo.

Everybody did a great job pushing through the pain. We lifted up a few of our brothers in need of prayer and celebrated a bunch of youth from some of our churches who are away on mission trips.

Until next time… meow.


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