Bear With Me

Bear With Me

Workout Date:





Rubber, Buffet, Vitamin D (3rd F Q), and Sunshine (Nan'tan)

The Thang:

Conditions: Cool 60s.

Equipment: Kettle Bell (KB); weights: 1 30 lb., 1 40 lb., 1 50 lb., 1 80 lb.; and YHC’s 40 lb. ruck.

Since YHC/QIC has had the above load of bells for a few weeks, I took the Friday Q with the idea of bringing a little GORUCK and #BeachBells love to the #Village!

One minute warning, welcome to F3, disclaimer, and we got to work…

Warm Up: a combo of typical IC warm ups (i.e. SSH, TTT, and IW) plus some warm up KB swings with Pax choice of weight.

SEGMENT 1: Modified “Bear With Me” (BWM) and KBs. BWM is a heavy bearcrawl (BC) ruck WOD compliments of Ruck.Beer designed to absolutely smoke you, but get you ready for the rigors of a GORUCK event. Since we only had 1 ruck, Pax would take turns wearing the ruck during ea. BC lap. With 5 of us, we broke up into 2 groups…1st one doing the BWM lap and 2nd doing KB movements. The majority of this morning’s work out was BWM/KBs with a few breaks to do Segment 2. The “timer” for the groups to swap out was when the below BC laps were completed.

  1. BWM: BC 10 Y then 20 Merkins; BC back 10 Y then 20 Squats.
  2. KB: Traditional swing with Pax choice of weight. QIC suggested a shrug or deadlift w/ the 80 lb. bell.
  3. BWM: Repeat same as above.
  4. KB: Repeat same as above.
  5. BWM: Same protocol, but 20 4ct. Flutter Kicks and 20 4-ct. Mountain Climbers (MC).
  6. KB: Clean & Press or Snatch (CP/S) with Pax choice of weight.
  7. BWM: Repeat same as above.
  8. KB: Repeat same as above.
  9. BWM: Same protocol, but 5 Burpees and 20 4-ct. MCs.
  10. KB: 321 Manmakers: 3 staggered Merkins, 2 Rows, and 1 CP/S.
  11. BWM: Repeat same as above.
  12. KB: Bicep curl with Pax choice of weight and then swap out to Tricep extension.

SEGMENT 2: 25 strict form partner assist Big Boy Sit Ups. We did 2 sets in between sets 4/5 and 8/9 of BWM/KB.

SEGMENT 3: With just a few minutes left, QIC had Pax pair up, pick a bell and Pax 1 one did 30 KB swings w/ Pax 2 doing LBC; swap out; 1 round.

Cool down and time!

Count-O-Rama 5
Praise report/Prayer requests: Vit-D’s patient.
BOM and Q-Source truth nugget by Vit-D.

Announcements: Check out F3 Grandstrand regional website, Slack messages and Twitter posts for daily updates and information.  Plenty of 1st F, 2nd F (i.e. family night Coastal Carolina football game on 11/30 and Christmas party on 12/7) and 3rd F opportunities and events throughout the region.

NMMS: Great job this morning…BWM is a tough workout!  Everyone donned the ruck and put in the work! If you are game, throw a ruck on and try the non-modified version. Both rucking and KBs are great tools for building functional strength!! #Shieldlock group “2 docs., a beer and a rubber” wanted today’s group post (albeit impromptu) noted in the back blast…duly acknowledged!



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