Bearmuda Triangle

Bearmuda Triangle

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I’ve been trying to showcase what I think is the best AO in town and today I trimmed some fat from my last que and got a little further. The COP was no nonsense with burpies, squats, arm circ’s, and IW’s. We moseyed to the beach access ramp at 4th S over which we did 11’s. Squats on beach side and burpies the other and running to and fro. We moseyed from there to Arc Plantation aka The Bearmuda Triangle at Willow and 3rd S. I’m fond of this spot as it compliments our AO and is centrally located. I won’t dork out about the details of bear crawling the triangle of large, old trees, stopping at each to merkin (wide, diamond, and regular), flutter, LBC or that Peter Parker was present because you had to be there.

We left The Triangle at 0738 arriving back for the COT.  This whole time a dark ominous storm was looming and the heavens opened up on my short bike ride home. Basically it was the best time you can have at 0700. We ran around on the beach, bear crawled around some really old trees and barely escaped a torrential downpour.  I can’t wait to do it again!








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