Beatdown in Reverse

Beatdown in Reverse

Workout Date:





Rousey, King James (2.0); Candycane, Hojo; Hang Ten (2.0); Crabs, Streaker, Hottub, Single Barrel, ODB (FNK); Quaker

The Thang:

AO: BombSquad

Conditions: 78 degrees, humid

YHC met Candycane at Early Risers for our Saturday pre-run to BombSquad. The past few Saturdays we had 4-7 Pax making the pre-dawn trek but today Sunshine was downrange, ERC was riding bike in preparation for an upcoming 1/2 IronMan Competition in October, Brown Bag was still recovering from a toe injury, Pikachu was resting his back, and Rubber was MIA; but the two of us kept the run tradition alive with a 9 minute fellowship pace along Carolina Forest Blvd.

When we arrived , Rousey and King James were in the parking lot ready to roll. Hojo entered with his 2.0, Hang Ten, then Crabs came pulling in. Streaker and Hottub pulled up with the the top down and Single Barrel completed the group just before the bell rang.

5:59 – 1 minute warning

6:00 – Proper Disclaimer

As YHC stepped out of the middle of the circle, I announced (to a chorus of groans) that today we would try something new and this is what when down!

Mary around the Horn: 15 Flutterkicks IC (YHC); 15 LBC IC (Candycane); 15 BETTS IC (Single Barrel); 15 American Hammers (King James); 15 Boxcutters IC (Streaker); 10 Burpees (Hottub);20 LBAC IC (Crabs); 20 Pretzel Crunches IC (Hojo); 15 BBS OYO (Rousey)

Reverse Mosey around the entire AO to the Big Parking Lot.

Taint the Lines: Back Pedal; Karaoke; Mosey, Side Shuffle, Karaoke; Back Pedal;


3-2-1 AROD (Dora in Reverse) – Partner up. Pax #1 back pedals across the parking lot (mosey back to start) while Pax #2 does exercise AMRAP until Pax#1 returns. Flip/flop with your partner until all reps are completed.

300 Squats

200 BBS

100 Merkins

10 Count

Back pedal to back parking lot

Costanza (Double Lunge rest at the Top) for 2 parking lot lines then 1 burpee. Continue to the cement island (1/2 length of parking lot)

10 Count

Costanza from cement island for every 2 parking lot lines with 1 burpee on the line. Continue to the end of the parking lot.

Mosey to the 50yd line of the football field so the youngsters could get their sprints in for the day.

3-2-1 Sprint 75 yds to far fence at 75%

3-2-1 Sprint 75 yds back to the middle of field at 85%

3-2-1 Sprint 75 yrds to the far Fence at 95%

3-2-1 Sprint 75 yds to the center of the field at 100%

3-2-1 Sprint 75 yds to the far fence at 100%

Mosey to the coupon pile

Everyone grabs a Cinder Block or Paver & circle up in the grass

10 Alternating Merkins

10 Decline Merkins

10 Incline Merkins

Colt 45’s

Return the coupons

Mosey to the Shovel Flag and Circle Up

COP: 20 SSh IC; 15 Imperial Walkers IC; 15 Tempo Squats IC; 15 Hillbillies IC; 15 Windmills IC; 15 TTT IC.

1 Minute of Stretching

7:00 am – Time Called

Count-o-Rama = 11


Announcements: 10 year convergence this October; Sasquatch – July 31; Spartan Race – July 31;

Prayers: Hottub prayed us out.

Moleskin: It was an honor to lead this morning. I appreciate each of the Pax who came out this morning and put up with my nonsense. Special thanks to Candycane for joining me for our weekly #EarlyRisersRun. Things I learned today: (1) Candycane was driving to Southport this morning to sit in another man’s lap & take a selfie with said ‘other man’ strapped tightly to his back; (2) Single Barrel in his youth also liked to sit in other men’s laps & jump out of perfectly good planes, too; (3) Always “sweep the runway” before you jump; (4) never sweep another man’s runway; (5) 7 shirtless, sweaty guys running around a Church Parking Lot isn’t strange at all before 7am; (8) The better the Beatdown, the tastier the Country Ham!






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