Beer Barrels & 2nd F Beatdown

Beer Barrels & 2nd F Beatdown

Workout Date:






The Thang:

Conditions– Cool (mid 40s ) & light to moderate rain drizzle

Headed down to Catapult to drop off 1/2 barrel sized kegs, and of course my sound system, under the church overhang in the event of any anticipated downpour. Pikachu rolled up as I was setting up and we both drove over to the standard COP meeting area. It was an honor to plant the shovel flag again. We didn’t anticipate too many PAX this morning due to the weather and the lack of HCs on Slack last night. #LetsContinuetoBuildCatapult

Gave the one minute warning and circled-up to start the COP.

F3 mission was stated and disclaimer was given


20- Harry Rockets IC

20-  SSHs IC

20- Imperial Walkers IC

20- LBACs IC

20- LBACs in Reverse IC

20- Hillbillies

Moseyed around the perimeter of AO to front of church. Piakchu and I partnered up (not that we had other options  🙂 and started the Thang:

100 Curls w/ keg (25 reps per set) while other partner- flutter kicks

100 4ct. Mountain Climbers using keg (25 reps per set) while other partner- wall-sits

100 Overhead Press w/ keg (25 reps per set) while other partner- LBCs

100 Squats w/ keg (25 reps per set) while other partner- mosey around driveway

Series of MARY:

20 Freddie Mercurys IC

10 Crunchy Frogs IC by Pikachu

20 Penguins IC

Moseyed back to COT and spent some quality 2nd F time discussing some personal/relationship concerns in our lives. We discussed the impact of what F3 has had on our lives, and not only from the 1st F perspective.




Announcements- No immediate announcements to discuss that we were not aware of already

I prayed us out.

As always, it was truly an honor to lead and I am proud of the progress my brother, Pikachu, has made in F3 over the past year. He started approximately one year ago and his dedication and progress (to the Catapult AO and other PAX) has been amazing!



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