Bells by yo-self

Bells by yo-self

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The Thang:

Accountability starts with you.

You hold yourself accountable and YOU set the example.

Yesterday I was not quite sure what happened at The beatdown with jingles yesterday when I made a comment to Hamburglar, on what I should bring today for the bells work out….. he informed me he had to go give another AO the beatdown if there lives and he “ told” me that I would be leading bells….don’t know if it was that beautiful Ferret on his face that had me in a trance? Whatever, I guess I’ll Q the damn thang.

I am guessing everyone is just trying to get back in the swing of thing.
It was just me. Everyone else was sleeping or somewhere else, don’t care still got some work in.

Bells by Yo-self

you will need

2 Cinder blocks

one sand bag mine was 50 pounds “ says headgear”

one 25 bound dunbell.
Some work out tunes

Went as followed

25 ssh

15 TTT

15 imperial walkers

22 Merkins

mosey to the wall and back 3 times

10 man makers

20 merkins

kettel bell swings 20

pick up sandbag run to back wall of the deck and back.

1 min rest

20 over head squats

swings figure 8 style through the legs 5 each side

grab the bag and mosey

1 min rest

20 diamond merkins

block single arm over head press 10 each arm

20 wide arm merkins

clean- to over head press single arm 10 each arm

grab the bag mosey.
1 min rest

50 LBC

20 strict curl

5 burpees

Tri extensions 20

grab the bag and run.
1 min rest

10 man makers

20 merkins

20 block swings

grab the bag and run

1 mins rest

20 strict BBSU

20 block flutter kicks 4 count

20 pretzel crunch’s

50 LBC

20 funky Buddha hatchling sit ups.


I pretty much packed up the car and left.
have an awesome day fellas.
May you chisel your victory’s in stone, write your worries in the sand.
Disconnect out.


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