Best Laid Plans🤣

Best Laid Plans🤣

Workout Date:





Pikachu(Catapult AOQ), O’Doul's, Sawdust, Single Barrel, Boxcar

The Thang:

AO: Catapult
Conditions: 40 Degrees, Gail Force Winds!!
Start Time: 5:15

So earlier this month I decided to get on the schedule since it’s Pikachu’s last full month as AOQ and I haven’t made it out near as much as I wanted to.  Speaking of Pikachu, if you read his backblasts or have been to one of his Q’s you know the guy takes time planning and preparing his workouts so it gave me a little more push to make sure I had a well laid plan.  So on Wednesday evening after getting the 2.0’s to bed I sat down at my kitchen table and scanned through the exicon for some ideas.  Hey “Ring of Fire”…haven’t done a ring of fire Q before, that will be my theme.  So there I go planning a solid Q and filling out cone station sheets but haven’t even bothered to check out the weather for Thursday, after all I had just been to Hamburglar’s Q that morning and it was in the 60’s.  When I arrived to the AO and Gail force winds on Thursday morning I ended up setting up the 2 ring of fire stations in front of the church near the cross to try to mitigate the wind.  How did the cone station sheets fair in this windy environment?…. Read on to the main event to find out how it all played out.

Hillbillies (4 Count) x 20 IC
Harry Rockets (4 Count) x 20 IC
Flying Nun’s (4 Count) x 15 IC (Pax lunge walked whiled doing LBAC’s until they arrived back in the COP where they started)
Through The Tunnel (4 Count) x 20 IC
Windmills (4 Count) x 15 IC
Imperial Squat Walkers (4 Count) x 15 IC
Little Baby Arm Circles/Forward (4 Count) x 15 IC
Little Baby Arm Circles/In Reverse x 15 (4 Count) IC
Seal Claps (4 Count) x 15 IC
Overhead Claps (4 Count) x 15 IC

->Mosey to the block pile grab a block then mosey with block to big parking lot

Warm Up
So before we entered the “Ring of Fire” we had to pass through the “Danger Zone”!
Danger Zone
While listening to “Danger Zone” from Top Gun-> Pax did Side Straddle Hop through the (3:34) song and did 1 Squat for every “Danger Zone” throughout the course of the song.

->Mosey to the ring of fire set up at the front of the church near the cross

Main Event:

(How the main event was suppose to go)

Ring of Fire#1:
Cone#1: Curls (1 Min.)
Cone#2: Big Boys (1 Min.)
Cone#3: Overhead Press (1 Min.)
Cone#4: Flutter Kicks (1 Min.)
Cone#5: Block Swings (1 Min.)
Cone#6: Crunch Frogs (1 Min.)

Ring of Fire#2:
Cone#1: Thrusters (1 Min.)
Cone#2: American Hammers (1 Min.)
Cone#3: Vertical Bench Press (1 Min.)
Cone#4: WWII’s (1 Min.)
Cone#5: Tricep Extensions (1 Min.)
Cone#6: Freddie Mercury’s (1 Min.)

(How the main event actually went)

All in all we still got the full workout in including 1 lap around the big parking lot and concession stands, but the cone station sheets and cones were blown all around the front of the church and I had to rely on a photo of the weinke sheet I had drawn up the night before to call out the exercises at each cone station.  In addition to that, my UE Boom speaker (6+ years old) went out after the 2nd cone station so the rest of the workout was through the phone’s speaker.

->Return blocks to block pile, mosey back to flag.



– February Iron Pax Challenge- Post to 20 workouts in 30 days
– GrowRuck Training this Saturday at Warthog 0500-0800!
– Freed to Bleed March 2nd – Sign up on the Red Cross website
– P200 reach out to Sunshine to sign-up
– GrowRuck is coming to Myrtle Beach (4/30-5/2) Don’t miss out!

Prayer requests:
– Pikachu has a co-worker who is having a rough battle with Covid.
– O’Doul’s has a friend who just lost his wife to cancer and now has children to raise on his own.  Prayers for the family!


Honor to Lead!!

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