Best Mumblechatter around!!!

Best Mumblechatter around!!!

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Billboard, Franklin, Headgear, Valvano, Bling, Spork, Bubbles, Disconnected, Karma, Geno (#Kotter), Turn and Cough (#Kotter), Snips, Jingles (RESPECT), Hamburglar, OneCall (QIC)

The Thang:

CHILLY!!  Mid-50’s this morning!
Felt amazing!

Took this Q for a Thursday since our Tuesdays are full this month of IronPax.  Little did I know that #ElevationMonday would destroy us.  IronPax Tuesday was nuts.  Bling brought it at #WaveRucker.  UGH!  Thursday is sometimes a rest day after all that and then #BeachBells and a Saturday pre something and bootcamp to follow.  Well, not this week.  Epsom salt and Advil!

Our #ShieldLockChallenge is in full swing.  This brilliant idea from Crankbait has really energized men.  Guys are posting more often, bringing #kotters out of the woodworks, trying like heck to get FNGs.  #PlantGrowServe.  The winner gets to sign their name first on the sweet sheild Crankbait had custom made!!!  YES!!!  First signing!!  Of course, EVERYONE is a winner for growing closer to our brothers and for getting new and old PAX out in the gloom!!  So Team “Best Team” has been looking over list after list to find guys to get back.  We have texted, emailed, called, even followed a #kotter into a men’s room (dedication right there by #CharlieSoto) to get em out.  And we had 2 today!!  Geno’s been out for 3 weeks.  He is normally a regular, but life and travel make it way too easy sometimes to continue fartsacking.  So a nudge from Bling and he was back.  I hit up Turn and Cough a few days ago.  Anyone who remembers the Capital City Ruck Tour knows all about TNC!!!  The man is a LEGEND!!!  Work has messed him up a long time….and it was great to see his smiling face this morning.  Now, he probably didn’t see us without his glasses, but we saw him!  And the 0515 start makes F3 more doable for him so that is AWESOME!!!!

I also had a FNG on the hook that I was going to pick up.  He HC’d at 10:15 PM.  Then at 0404 bailed due to “being up all night with baby”.  Hmm…What’s the M doing!?!?!  Ha…JK…maybe soon…at least before 10/13!!!  So I arrived super early since I was expecting to pick him up.  Headgear was there, I think with Hamburglar and Disconnect running.  Bling was shockingly there early since he likes to pull in with 1 minute to spare and since he had to leave right at 0600 with the M out of town he drove separate – and he ran a lap!  But we will be back together carpooling tomorrow.  Billboard was there early as usual.  Karma too.  And others were coming in early and late.  Met Spork as a #kotter from Tuesday by way of Florence!  Franklin has been stepping up his posts getting into the #Shieldlock spirit.  One of my “twins” as Bling likes to call everyone – Valvano – was there supporting the soreness from the prior 3 days!!  Jingles off this week again from work – #management – so posting every day.  Bubbles sneaking in along with Snips ready to work (for Bubbles tho, work means run, but bend NO knees or elbows)!

1 minute warning
Disclaimer – modify as needed.  YHC had a little fun with Karma here.  For some reason, before the beatdown, Karma was complaining about the IronPax and the modifying aspect of it – he felt like he wasn’t getting a good workout.  I put that here in the BB and I picked at him a little during the disclaimer, because that really did confuse me.  Karma has SMOKED every workout I have been with him at.  Started out big slow and heavy (like many of us!!) and is now lean mean and fast.  He constantly gives 110% so if he is modifying it’s because he’s smoked.  At least that’s how I always see him.  Pushing himself and others.  A true #HIM and an inspiration to those around him.  But it is a well taken point.  Don’t modify just cause you can or want to or to make things easier.  Only modify when you HAVE to.  If you can’t do all the reps, do less, but do them well.  Run as long and hard and fast as you can.  Then slow down or walk.  Etc.  All I know is that today, like most days at #Warthog, everyone (except those 2 guys we all know) pushed super hard and kicked some butt!!!

SSH x 25 IC
Little bit of stretching since it was pretty chilly
IW x 15 IC
Merkins x 22 Single count cadence
MumbleChatter starts here – “of course” “O big surprise”  blah blah and continues throughout!!!
Tempo Squats x 20 IC
TTT x 15 IC
Mosey to other side of bridge

SSH x 25 IC
IW x 15 IC
Merkins x 22 Single count cadence
Flutters x 15 IC
LBC’s x 15 OYO
Flutters x 15 IC
During this time – my buddy and pal Bling was moaning and moaning about Merkins – diamond, wide arm, staggered, blah blah blah OneCall and his merkins, blah blah
Well, that gave me a great idea!!!  Merkin Mania!!!!!  This is hard, but everyone smoked it.  Well, almost everyone – those 2 guys again!
BBSU’s x 15 OYO

Mosey to the columns

Start at 1st column – 12 merkins
Bear Crawl to next – 11 merkins
All the way to 1, then mosey to end and LBC’s on 6
A modify – go the whole way with bear crawl but only 1 merkin at each column
IF you get up out of bear crawl, do 3 burpees

This was brutal and awesome!!!

Heading back
12 deep squats at 1st column, full lunge knee to ground hands off knees to next column, 11 deep squats, etc to 1.
Mosey to end and LBC’s on 6
There was a ton of #Mumblechatter throughout this beatdown, but things got pretty wild here.  Without disclosing too much – Jingles mentioned some things he had not partaken in in 27 years!!  T-Claps for that.  Billboard – apparently really getting into the spirit of the #Shieldlock – also told ALL the PAX and some other random people walking by about something else that Jingles had not partaken in in 27 years!!!   Much laughter ensued.  Then pity.  Then discussion of Bling bringing back a mail order bride on his next trip overseas.

Head back – gonna modify the weinke cause my arms and shoulders were feeling it
10 (it was 12) CDD’s at 1st column, crawl bear to next, 9, etc.
IF you get up out of crawl bear, do 3 burpees
Mosey to end and LBC’s on 6

Based on time – final round would be suicides!!  Every column!  T-Claps to Bubbles and Headgear for knocking em all out, and I think Disconnected too.  Everyone pushed hard!!  Hamburglar did rugby suicides and threw in another merkin at the start each time!

Moseyed to bridge to finish up with a nice Indian Run to the start!!

Count-O-Rama – 15, with 2 STUD #Kotters
Prayer request – Disconnected BMI and readiness to join the USAF and travel this weekend
Prayer request – Families, marriages
Prayer request – #CharlieSoto and family and friends medical issues
Prayer requests upspoken

– Enjoyed it this morning men!!!
– Remember – with these #HIM, you can remove your masks and get down to what needs to be shared!  Also, NEVER hesitate to send a text, email, make a call – be the one that does that!!!


  • Kettlebells tomorrow 0515
  • #ElevationMonday has officially kicked off – next week at Grand Dunes Bridge – ruckers and runners – 0500-0600.  Wanna know more?  Click here
  • #ShieldLockChallenge kicking butt!  Keep posting and EH’ing!
  • Ruck or Run the mini-marathon in MB!!!  Sunday, October 20




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