Best of both worlds!

Best of both worlds!

Workout Date:



Rousey (Respect 3F CoQ))


Quaker (Respect), Elmers (Respect), Beefsteak, Flatliner, CropDuster, RockyTop, Spork, SpeedBump, Pikachu (3F CoQ) and QIC

The Thang:

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Conditions: High 60s, low humidity, and of course dark at 0510 when YHC rolled into the Carolina Forest Community Church (CFCC) campus.

YHC / QIC took a rare opening for a Saturday Q at BombSquad (BS) AO where YHC was #EHd roughly 5 years ago! Not a whole lot of chatter on the BS slack channel the night before and YHC surmised that this was the last Saturday / free weekend before the school year. CrossStitch, Billy Blanks and rest of clan “H” reportedly at Carowinds (CS opting for safety of the kiddy rides; BB front seat at the Intimidator likely – lol!) Fortunately, those who showed up this morning were in for a treat! A Sunshine and Pikachu amalgamation of the Deck O’ Death and Blocks — the Best of Both Worlds!

YHC rolled into the BS AO 45 minutes early for a warmup 5K pre-run. 2 for a beastly 10Ksh pre-run! 7 other Pax showed. Pre-workout #mumblechatter ensued, 1-minute warning, welcome to F3, disclaimer and then we got after it.

Warm Up:  An assortment of usual F3 GrandStrand (F3GS) exercises IC plus 22 Merks. Mosey lap around CFCC campus and to the church entrance overhang stopping along the way to grab a block from the #coupon pile.

Deck O’ Death With Blocks WOD

*Pax took turns picking 3 cards whereby the exercises were done in groups of 3s; RnR until deck was completed.

  1. Hearts: Hand Release Merkins; using only cards 2 – 10.
  2. Diamonds: Derkin; ” “.
  3. Clubs: Curls; ” “.
  4. Spades: Swings w/ block: ” “.
  5. All picture cards: 10 Thrusters.
  6. All Aces: 12 Burpees.
  7. Joker 1: 75 4-ct. Flutterkicks with overhead block hold or press.
  8. Joker 2: 75 1-ct. Bent over rows.

Deck completed at 0646.

The crew made their way back to the Shovel Flag / COT along the way returning their blocks.


QIC had Pax stretch / cool down a few minutes on their own.


COR – 10
Praise report/Prayer requests: Spoken and unspoken. Pikachu’s 2.0 passed her driver’s test and is now on the roads!

Announcements: Freed to Bleed date announced. Stay tuned on F3GS Slack for details!

NMMS 1: Strong work today! Blocks combined with the beneficial “muscle confusion” that a DoD brings was challenging. #Mumblechatter was definitely flowing!

NMMS 2: Joker 1 (75 4-ct. FKs) and Picture Cards (120 Thrusters in total) were the #crowdpleasers!

NMMS 3: 7 for coffeteria whereby the #mumblechatter continued eventually morphing into a bunch of stinky guys “holding court” and solving all manner of world problems!

Honor to Q!