Better Late Than Never!?!

Better Late Than Never!?!

Workout Date:





King James, ERC, Texas Ranger, Rainman, Rocky Top, Sunshine, Quaker (1st FQ), and Brown Bag (Nan'tan)

The Thang:

Conditions: High 70s, humid, and very buggy as we would find out in the CFCC field.

YHC/QIC was glad to be back at his home AO #Bombsquad (BS) — where his F3 journey began in April 2017 — to lead these studs!  YHC has enjoyed bringing his wingman Luke (my 2.0 – F3 King James/KJ) to the F3 workouts to help him get into football shape, but more importantly allow him to be around some quality #HIM.

Today’s #weinke would be a classic bootcamp with partner circuits…of course adjusted to allow for social distancing and we had plenty of #coupons (paver stones) for each Pax to individually use during the workout.  The Carolina Forrest Community Church (CFCC) football field was dry enough to workout on and the turf is easier on the knees than the pavement.  KJ and YHC rolled into the AO at 0550. 7 more Pax joined us.  Pax marveled at how big KJ was getting and his mane that has not been cut since COVID hit!  #besthairinF3GS?

Welcome to F3, mission and disclaimer.

Warm Up:
IC: SSHs, TTTs, IWs and LBAC (CCW and CW).


  1. Partner Circuit 1: “B.O.M.B.S.” One Pax does prescribed exercise; other Pax runs width of field and back; and swap out until required team reps. are completed.
    1. 50 Burpees per group (PG).
    2. 75 Overhead press starting from squat position w/ #coupon aka Thrusters PG.
    3. 100 staggered Merkins using #coupon PG.
    4. 125 Big Boy Sit-Ups PG.
    5. 150 weighted Squats (S) PG.
  2. “Suns Out – Guns Out” Ring of Fire
    1. Pax circled up in the middle of CFCC field. One Pax did 7 Merkins while the rest Curled their #coupon; then shift to next Pax and so on.  2 rounds.
  3. Partner Circuit 2: “Throw In Some Bearcrawls”.  Same traverse protocol as in number 1, but bearcrawl (instead of running) 15 yards up and back or modify with Toy Soldier March. QIC asked 3 Pax for their least favorite exercises; Flutter Kicks (FK), Boxcutters (BC) and Ss — not what I was thinking, but OK; added #coupons to them and here’s what happened:
    1. 100 4-ct. FKs w/ Press or Hold. #crowdpleaser!
    2. 100 4-ct. BCs “ “
    3. 100 weighted Ss.
  4. Time running out; #coupons back to pile; and back to COT…and iced the cake with 20 Burpees (KJ now not happy with pops).


Count-O-Rama 9
Praise report/Prayer requests: Spoken and unspoken.

Announcements: Check out F3 Grandstrand regional website, Slack messages and Twitter posts for daily updates and information.  1st F, 2nd F and 3rd F opportunities and events throughout the region.  The more you plug in the more you see the bigger picture of F3…workouts are the magnet, fellowship is the glue and faith is the dynamite.

NMMS 1: Great push guys for a humid Saturday morning!  Though the turf was awesome providing a degree of comfort to this old man’s joints, the gnats & co. that we stirred up balanced it out on the #suckmeter.

NMMS 2: Sorry that this backblast (BB) is a wee bit tardy.  And you know…if there is no BB, it nevahh happened…right?!  So, as an excellent segway…YHC is the new Stats Q and I’ll be pestering you for numbers, BBs and the like…better late than never to do a BB telling us how awesome your Q was!!

Honor to lead this morning!


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