Beware of the BombCyclone

Beware of the BombCyclone

Workout Date:





P Funk, Buffett, Humpback, Hamburglar, Rubber, Skid Kong,  El Red Cardo, Quaker (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: BombSquad

Conditions: 70 Degrees, Rain

YHC hasn’t Q’d in the rain since Monday when I had to substitute in for a missing Boxcar #Where’sWeidner? Monday’s Q wasn’t actually in the rain, though, because although it was raining for hours before the beatdown, the rain as if commanded by the Sky Q stopped promptly at the 1 minute warning. Today’s forecast would not be as forgiving, as the weatherman stated that the region would experience a steady rain throughout the night and continue raining until the afternoon then head up the coast and become a “Bomb Cyclone” #ThatsWhatEdSaid.  So in anticipation of the rain, YHC reminded all PAX the night before via Twitter of all 5 Core Principles, emphasizing that Beatdowns are held Outdoors RAIN or SHINE!

YHC left the comforts of his home early and stepped into the Gloom and a steady down pour. The temperature was in the low 70’s and the rain was refreshing. YHC was the 1st to arrive at the AO and backed his truck up to the ‘Overhang’ and proceeded to unload an assortment of iron for the upcoming Beatdown. There were bars, and plates, and buckets . . .Oh my! YHC then re-parked in the Shovel Flag Lot and was happy to see another PAX had already arrived.

As YHC planted the Shovel Flag, P-Funk boldly exited his car and join me in the rain. This would be P-Funk’s 2nd Beatdown (He posted last week on Wednesday and stated that he needed a few days to recover before posting again!) YHC was unable to get his bluetooth connection for the music this morning (#WheresDJBrownBag?) however, since P-Funk is a music man, he had just the right cable in his car and we were able to hardwire the speaker to my phone! Coincidence? I don’t think so.

Next to arrive was Buffett, who stated that as soon as he knew it was suppose to rain today, he committed to post for the other PAX #Accountability. He didn’t even know that yours truly was the Q. We then proceeded to reminisce about how just the 2 of us posted in the rain about a year and a half ago and on that fateful day decided to co-Q a 2 PAX Murph in the driving rain. The rain was coming from all angles: from above, sideways , and at times up from the ground, too (Think Forest Gump) #GoodTimes!

After a minute or two of mumblechatter the rest of the PAX came rolling in. First it was Skid Kong, then Hamburglar, then Humpback & Rubber, and finally ERC as the COP commenced.

Sure there is one dry spot on the entire AO, but there was no rush to get there. Besides you can only get wet once, so let’s make the most of it!!

5:14 – One Minute Warning

5:15 – Proper Disclaimer

COP:  25 SSH IC; 15 TTT IC; 15 Windmills IC; 20 Imperial Walkers IC; 20 Tempo Squats IC; 22 Merkins IC; 15 LBAC IC; 15 LBAC Reverse IC

Mosey to Coupon Pile (watch out for the sprinklers) and grab a coupon. . . Mosey to Front Parking Lot for maximum exposure to early morning commuters on Carolina Forest Blvd.


Quaker’s Ladder: Do exercise #1 on west side of front Lot then mosey with block to east side for exercise #1 + exercise #2 . . . then mosey to west side for ex #1 + ex #2 + ex #3,  etc, etc . ..

UP The Ladder

Rung #1 – 5 Curls IC . . . mosey

Rung #2 – 5 Curls IC + 10 Overhead Press IC. . . mosey

Rung #3 – 5 Curls IC + 10 Overhead Press IC + 15 Tricep Extension. . . mosey

Rung #4 – 5 Curls IC + 10 Overhead Press IC + 15 Tricep Extension + 20 Bent Over Rows. . . mosey

Rung #5 – 5 Curls IC + 10 Overhead Press IC + 15 Tricep Extension + 20 Bent Over Rows + 25 Block Squats. . . mosey

DOWN the Ladder

Rung #5 – 25 Block Squats + 20 Bent Over Rows + 15 Tricep Extension + 10 Overhead Press IC + 5 Curls IC. . . mosey

Rung #4 – 20 Bent Over Rows + 15 Tricep Extension + 10 Overhead Press IC + 5 Curls IC. . . mosey

Rung #3 – 15 Tricep Extension + 10 Overhead Press IC + 5 Curls IC. . . mosey

Rung #2 – 10 Overhead Press IC + 5 Curls IC. . . mosey

Rung #1 – 5 Curls IC. . . mosey

Put the blocks down . . .5 Burpees OYO

Indian Run around perimeter of AO . . . the PAX took turns picking of the six . . .there were no Street Signs for Rubber to slap along the way, but he sure did find a nice deep puddle to splash in . . .ain’t that right, ERC!!

Blast Furnace: 12 Pieces of Iron were laid out under the ‘Overhang’. Each PAX grabbed  an Iron and blasted out an undisclosed rep count led by different PAX, PAX then rotated to left and picked up the next Iron, etc . . .etc

Iron #1 – 25lbs overhead press

Iron #2 – 35lbs bent over rows

Iron #3 – 25lbs tricep extension

Iron #4 –  30 lbs Bucket Shugs

Iron #5 – 20lbs Hammer Curls x 2

Iron #6 –  25 lbs Bus Drivers

Iron #7 – 35 lbs Curls

Iron #8 –  Abyss Merkins

Iron #9 – 35 lbs Curls

Iron #10 – 25 lbs Upright Rows

Iron # 11 – 45lbs straight bar curls

Iron # 12 – 10 lbs  Bent Over Flys

NOTE: Everyone rotated through each Iron Exercise

1 Bonus Round – PAX were instructed to grab their favorite Iron . . .YHC led cadence for 15 Reps

All Irons were returned to back of YHC’s truck

All Coupons were returned to Coupon Pile

1 Minute of Mary . . . 25 Speed SSH IC

Time Called!!

Announcements: Halloween Convergence on Oct 26 at Warthog; Christmas Party tentatively scheduled for December 7th;  Mini-Marathon this Sunday

Prayers: Humback’s Uncle recently passed away, prayers for the family. General prayers lifted up

Moleskin: Working out in the rain when its 70 degrees is great fun!! Doing things that other people avoid is rewarding! Living third is humbling & energizing! Building friendships strengthen our communities. Holding each other accountable frees us to grow and become stronger men. Thank  you all for posting this morning and reminding me why #F3Counts.











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