Big boy 4 corner Thursday!

Big boy 4 corner Thursday!

Workout Date:





QIC:Jingles, headgear,bubbles, karma, jackalope, little knob, weedeater, geno, flash, Franklin

The Thang:

Arrived to AO with just one in lot so thought was going to be very intimate beat down, but then with five minutes to spare they rolled in. Geno came flying in last of course he blamed it on Little knob but we all know differently.  It was a humid no air movement 65 degrees.  Gave two minute, one minut warnings, disclaimer was spoken, then the fun began.

ssh- 25

imperial walkers- 25

through the tunnel -25

mosey to bridge, 5 burpees oyo

22 merkins, bear crawl over bridge, plank til all arrived, mosey to fountains

rounds of four corners first round #1-25 merkins #2-25 diamond merkins #3- 25 wide armed merkins #4 25 hand released

#2 round. #1- 25 bigboys #2 25 two count flutters #3-50 bigboys #4- 50 flutters

#3 round  #1- 25 Squats #2- 25 calf raises #3- 25 lunges #4- 25 bigboys

#4 round  #1- 25 LBC #2- 25 lunges #3 50 LBC #4- 25 bigboys

mosey to bridge 5 burpees, bear crawl over, plank til all over, mosey to parking lot

count off 10 with Q, announcements, prayer request, prayed us out for a great day!






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