Big Finish with Happy Ending. . . Just Ask Rubber!

Big Finish with Happy Ending. . . Just Ask Rubber!

Workout Date:





Hottub, Kitten, Tanlines, Quaker, Rubber, Fatts (FNG)

The Thang:

AO: Hulkamania

Conditions: 29 degrees. . .refreshing!

As Tanlines and YHC came speeding down Frontage Road on early morning drive to the Hulk we spotted a turned over vehicle just before the entrance. Looked similar to the Kitten Mobile as I wondered aloud what could have happened. Was Kitten running late to the AO as Tanlines & YHC were? Was the car really Kitten’s? As we neared the flipped over car, I saw Kitten standing there and 3 other PAX walking up to him! But lo; It was not the Kitten Mobile and upon inspection by the PAX it was confirmed that this was not a recent event & no one was inside the vehicle. . . The PAX were then introduced to Hottub’s FNG (Sidney Player)(This is his real name!!) as we walked back to the AO. Sidney had the pleasure of being Hottub’s Uber driver the other evening and Hottub applied a flying EH on the young man!! Nothing like committing to a run on the coldest day of the winter thus far! (almost said coldest day of the year, but heck, we’re only 11 days into 2019!!) The PAX did some stretching and had some laughs with Rubber because he is not a fan of the cold or of running! Before w)e began Hottub asked where the PAX would like to run today  . . .there was a little bit of a non-committed murmur about our options but then Kitten stepped up and boldly announced that we should run the service road alone Route 31. . . there were definitely some surprised expressions on the seasoned Hulkamaniacs (after all running the service road meant a full 6.5-7 mile loop through the Grand Dunes). Rubber & Fatts (FNG) had no complaint and after a little apprehension by the Regular PAX for Rubber’s legs (no worries for Fatts, he’s a young Air Force Reservist) we were off and into the glorious Gloom!!

Our first leg of the run was directly down Frontage Road for about a mile! The road was unpaved and full of potholes and water hazards so the PAX had to stay close to our light sources (Hottub’s Headlamp & Kitten’s I-phone). Not to far into the run 2 distinct groups emerged. Group #1 – “The Young &  the Fast” (Kitten, Fatts, and Tanlines) .. .and Group #2 – “The Other Guys” (Hottub, Quaker, & Rubber) . . .NOTE: Hottub could easily be part of the “Fast” part of Group #1, but “Young”, not so much 🙂 . Besides Hottub takes his duty as Runner Whisperer very seriously (just ask High Interest).

At the end of Frontage Road, we turned right into the back gate of the Grande Dunes, then a quick left onto San Marcello Drive (SMD). SMD meandered through the community and allowed the PAX to chit chat and admire the evening sky! We then turned onto La Costa Drive (LCD) passed the Grande Dunes Golf Course, and then made a right (“Right Turn Clyde”) on to Grande Dunes Blvd (GDB).

Up and over the waterway, we continued on GDB until the junction with Marina Pkwy (MP). At MP, were turned right again a nd followed this road south until 62nd Avenue North. We made a left onto 62nd Ave and followed it East before making a right onto Claire Chapin Epps Drive (CCED). CCED lead us towards the YMCA and passed the Barc Park until our path intersected with Colonel Robert Bell Path (CRBP). Once on CRBP we could almost see the lights of the Hulk off in the distance!!

At the bottom of the Zeb Thomas Bridge (Mt Zeb) all PAX kicked in the after burners for the Big Finish and raced up and over the Intercoastal Waterway and back to the Hulk!!

Every PAX pushed himself and those around him!! It was great fun and fellowship and judging by the smiles on everyone’s faces it was a Happy Ending. . .  We can’t wait to do it again! Ain’t that right, Rubber!!??

Kitten Prayed us Out.

Name-O-Rama – – – FNG Named -“Fatts” aka “The Bankshot Bandit” after the greatest pool Player of all time . . .’Minnesota Fats’



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