Big Group for SouthernBells

Big Group for SouthernBells

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Rafeki, Mayhem, Hoedown, Etch a Sketch, Whittle, Stuffed Crust, Grass Patch, Bluegrass (QIC)

The Thang:

Big Crowd for SouthernBells
I arrived early for a little pre run work out and took a few moments before the run to grab 5 concrete blocks for the KB beatdown. After getting these and placing them in a new location because for some reason our lights in the parking lot on the side we usually use are all out. Maybe they are trying to give us a hint that its time to find a new spot, but we aren’t having any of that! Obstacles arise, we acknowledge them and overcome, its just what we do. Lights are always needed for Kettlebells because this is our opportunity to show off the rock solid physiques we are all toting around to the random passersby. After a short speed run I rolled in with plenty of time to get everything set up and Runoff rolled up with the KBs that he gracious carted around in my absence. We lined them up in descending order as usual and prepared the music, which was selected by Whittle, don’t let whittle select your tunes! The PAX all agreed that the station that was selected added a 4th F that we as F3 don’t feel is appropriate, especially on Church grounds!
Equipment list:
KBs 30s pair, 40s pair, 40s pair, 50s pair, 70, 80
Budbells-25s (Runoff also brought some 10s and tried to say they were his wifes)
Curl Bar w/ 25 lb plates

One minute warning
Time to work

Circuit 1
Swings all the way down

Circuit 2
Shoulders and Triceps
Shoulders-Alternate high pulls and presses with single KBs all the way down the line
Triceps-Tricep extensions with dumbbells and curl bar

Circuit 3
Back and Biceps
Back-Bent over rows with all KB pairs and Good Mornings-70 and 80 singles
Biceps-curl bar and dumbbells

Circuit 4
Legs and Abs
Abs-V ups with the 30s and one pair of 40s
Legs-deficit dead lift w/ 70, 80 and one pair of 40s
Legs-Clean (Focus on deep squat)

Circuit 5
Arms and Legs
Arms-Alternate tricep extensions and curls with 30s, one pair 40s, 50s, dumbbells and curl bar
Legs- deficit dead lift w/ 70, 80 and one pair of 40s

Final Round of pain
2:00 KB swing, Each PAX grabbed a 30lb, 40lb or 50lb KB for 2 straight minutes of suck.

Great to have several of the Republic regulars at KBs this morning, hopefully all enjoyed the pain and are looking forward to next week.

Mudrun is coming on May 19th, deadline to register has been extended to Sunday May 6th, get signed up immediately! True north, 3 different options this year, signups for first set opens today. Talk to Hoedown for details.

Prayer Request
Whittles mother and uncle, Etch a Sketch’s Daughter (surgery), Barney and his family (Barneys father passed away), Wontons father

Prayed for the group

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