Big Thursday at The Village

Big Thursday at The Village

Workout Date:





Tiny Dancer, Candycane, ERC, Brownbag (R, Nantan), Castaway (AOQ), Texas Ranger, Crankbait, War Eagle, Pikachu QIC

The Thang:

AO: The Villge

Conditions, High 40’s and beautiful

My monthly Q at the Village. Now that I can easily visit other AO’s choosing a date is easy. I get to the AO and Castaway and Tiny Dancer were rucking away. Met up and Tiny Dacer told me Pax were doing a max Pull up rep at the end of each workout. I was think man I’ve got a good one prepare today. I’ll let you do those pull ups if the arms are still functioning. Then slowly the Pax just started pouring in. Until we had eight. Heck yeah. That’s sweet. Great turnout since there was no rain and the temps were great. Came up with a workout that had some traditional exercises with a twist of course.

One Minute

Then my fellow Buffalo guy showed up to give us nine.

Let’s go

Proper F3 Disclaimer


15 Harry Rockettes (These are a mental battle) 15 Tempo Squats, 15 IW, 15 LBAC F,R, Seal Claps, 20 SSH all IC.

Mosey to coupon pile and grab two big blocks. Time for a Traveling Dora. Yes I sit up at nights and think about these things. That questions was asked later in the workout.

Segment #1 – Partner Up

P1 10 Deep Incline Merkins on blocks placed vertical. Once complete pick up blocks and walk with both blocks.

P2 Mosey around outer parking lot and catch P1. Then P2 does 10 Incline Merkins.

We did this until we got to 30. We did allot of laps around the parking lot to reach 30. My attempts to take the P200 and GR22 into the workout.

Segment #2 Yup, still partners

Bear Crawl Block Drag Relay.

P1 does a Bear Crawl with a Block Drag while P2 does a Lap around the parking lot. Once P2 catches P1 switch. Keep waiting on and off until one lap has been achieved. This was long and brutal.

Segment 3 – Still Partners 100 total. Originally I said 150 but changed my mind after the first 15 reps.

P1 Carolina Dry Docks on the Block. The focus was more on the triceps.

P2 Mosey to end of Parking lot and back

Segment 4 – 4 minutes left.

P1 Sand Humpers AMRAP P2 mosey half way down back parking lot. Switch on and off until time.


Mosey back to Shovel Flag

Count-o-Rama 9


Announcements P200, GR22 training Saturday.

Prayers – Brownbag Uncle Mike, Rubber M.




These men are allot of fun and enjoy my time with them. Yes these guys like to run but show up and bring your own style. They will enjoy it. So get on their Q sheet and bring it cause these studs and serious studs. I thought Sade’ worked out here. 🤔



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