Billy Blanks, the prodigal son returns home

Billy Blanks, the prodigal son returns home

Workout Date:



Billy Blanks / Cross Stitch Co-Q


Cross Stitch (YHC), Billy Blanks (YHC 2.0), Pikachu (3rd F Q), Candy Cane (AOQ), Tiny Dancer, Drifter

The Thang:

Perfect weather (around 68 degrees) to head down to The Plank. Candy Cane asked if I would Q (Cross Stitch) a few days ago, too good of an opportunity to pass up. My first Q at The Plank, might as well make it a Co-Q with my consistent 2.0, Billy Blanks. He jokingly said in a name-o-rama this past December, “Billy Blanks from The Plank!” (which he is not from The Plank).

We all knew it would be a fun morning, we did not know that Billy Blanks was out for blood.

YHC and my 2.0 arrived at about 5am to find Drifter and Tiny Dancer having a little speed walking date around the AO, we decided to warm up separately as to not disturb their quality time. Candy Cane showed up shortly after, then just as we thought it was going to be just the five of us, bigfoot himself steps into the stadium lights: Pikachu. Disclaimer given, mission statement shared, let’s roll.

Warmup was nothing special or creative, SSH, Hairy Rockettes, Imperial Walkers, Windmills, reciting the 5 core principles and credo, then 21 22 Merkins OYO

Cross Stitch: I came up an idea that turned out to be a ton of fun (all PAX and onlookers were thoroughly impressed) – Indian Snake. We ran along the goal line with the person in front choosing how we got across, then when we reached the sideline and made our way to the 10 yard line, the person in the back came to the front and chose his way, then to the 20 with the next person in back, rinse and repeat to other goal line: Cross Stitch mosey, Pikachu bear crawl, Drifter karaokes, Billy Blanks sprint, Candy Cane crawlbear, etc.

Billy Blanks: Enjoying the Thor workout that Manziel provided at Bombsquad this past Monday, why not do it again. Block Circuit of 10 curls, 10 overhead press, 10 tricep extensions, 10 squats, 10 bent over row, 10 lunges, 10 twists. Do that 3 times, done.

Billy Blanks chose the next workout, 11s. At one goal line we started with 10 squats, ran to other goal line for 1 SSH, back and forth across the football field. YHC encouraged him to cut the distance in half but the PAX wouldn’t have it, they were going all the way.

Time was up after that, circle up, talk about the need for community, prayers for Tiny Dancer’s friend and for Uvalde community, Top Gun this Saturday, blood drive coming up, blah blah check slack.

We should Co-Q more often. It spices things up and takes off some of the pressure. Speaking of spicy, it was an obnoxious mess in this sausage fest. Billy Blanks took jabs at Drifter (who is clearly always slowing us down), I asked Billy Blanks if he wanted us to do a full curl or do it like he was doing it.

It was a pleasure to lead and always a pleasure to find friends of all sorts in the gloom. We make each other better, let us not forsake the gathering!