Birthday fun!!!!

Birthday fun!!!!

Workout Date:





Rousey, Headgear, Kiegel (Anderson), Firestone (Charlotte), Hamburglar, Papa Smurf (TRIPLE RESPECT), Cheesy Biscuit, Valvano, Geno, Jingles (RESPECT), Flop (#coffeeteria only), OneCall (QIC)

The Thang:

52 and beautiful!

46 today!  Not quite the #respect age that some of you clowns like to say, what with all my gray hair, but still another year on this awesome earth!!  Super thankful for everything F3 has meant to me over the years and for all the friendships and the Brotherhood!!  As per tradition here, I took the “Bday Q” which awesomely fell on a Saturday and I was able to snag #Warthog as our original AO!  I knew earlier in the week that some of our regulars would be at the Swamp Fox AR so would miss this #beatdown, so that was sad but, #CSAUP!!  They each owe me a pound of coffee please.

Pre-ruck and PT planned.  Not sure who was showing other than Valvano.  Then Rousey changed his work plans to hang with YHC on his bday and HC’d.  Awesome!  Thanks to Vitamin D for getting Rousey back moving!!  Picked him up since my other #carpoolbuddy was out of town, and Rousey and I had some great conversation and fellowship.  He didn’t wrap himself in a blankie and nap like Bling usually does.  Jingles was there, and after some EH’ing the day before, saw Headgear too!!  So 5 strong got in 2.5 miles of heavy rucking with inclines in the decks, and then 6 rounds of Robbie Miller WOD (just 5 for YHC as I had to set up for the Q).

Set up on the field, which was nicely dry and looking good.

Back to the parking lot.  Guys were hanging out.  Papa Smurf showed up and some visitors which is always awesome!

We circled up and surprise….there was Cheesy!!  I thought he was at the AR, but injury prevented that, so he joined us!!

1 minute warning

My bday – I have several exercises on the Exicon, but 1 of my favorites is the OneCall!  As per the Exicon:

This is an 8-count IC exercise developed as a result of the sometimes horrible merkin form by some PAX, especially those claiming to do great #’s when in fact they didn’t do any correctly. It was a way to force the PAX to have FULL extension both at the bottom and the top, which only makes them better (and stops the improper form). Since I work with OneCall and he would come to the office daily to complain about this, I developed this exercise and named it after him for my upcoming Q. Start in Merkin/Plank position. 1 – Down; 2 – Hand Release; 3 – Up and hold; 4 – Floyd Mayweather Punch Right arm; 5 – Right arm down; 6 – Floyd Mayweather Punch Left arm; 7 – Left arm down; 8 (which would be the PAX count of 1, 2, 3, etc) – Full plank. As you can see, this forces the PAX to go all the way down instead of the 1-2” down that some claim count as a merkin, and it forces a locking of the elbows at the top. 10-15 of these are excellent. It has also been done with 2 PAX facing each other and keeping each other honest (Q choice with these to make the Floyd Mayweathers into Booyah Merkins or Slap 5’s or anything like that where the PAX are mirroring each other)

So we did 10 of these IC  – PAX did not like these.  Geno particularly had many complaints.  Even went back to the “Bursitis Excuse”

SSH x 25 IC
IW x 20 IC
TTT x 15 IC
Windmills x 10 IC
Plank; stretch calves
10 more OneCalls OYO

Head to the cones – 1 in the middle, and then 8 in a large square around it

For this 1st thing, we would just use the outer 4 cones/corners of the square

Start at a cone, do 1 burpee
Mosey to next cone, do 2 burpees
Next 3, etc etc
For 8 minutes.  Go as high as your can, and remember your number

Called at 8 minutes, everyone to center.  Partner up – some fairly close fitness level
We would stay in pairs for a push with each other and accountability and fellowship

Round 1
Run from center to a cone, do 10 Merkins
Run back to center, do 15 Jump Squats
Next cone, 10 merkins, center, 15 jump squats
All 8 outer cones – 80 Merkins; 120 jump squats
Al Gore on the 6
5 OneCalls OYO

Round 2
Same thing – exercises would be Prisoner Squats at the cones and CDD’s in the center
Plank on the 6
5 OneCalls OYO

Round 3
Same thing – exercises would be BBSU’s at the cones and 2 count flutters in the center
After a few rounds, gave PAX option to go to 20 LBC’s instead of 10 BBSU’s as the BBSU’s were getting brutal
Hold 6″ on the 6
5 OneCalls OYO

Round 4
Same thing – exercises would be lunges (5 each leg) at the cones and partner calf raises (using partner for balance) in the center
Hold Al Gore on the 6
11 OneCalls OYO (to get to 46 for my bday!)

Burpees….uhoh…Remember your #?
START at that number – 12 for some, 11, 10, 2 (Geno) whatever – it’s you versus you.  Then run around and REDUCE the number by 1.  10 minutes – 2 extra than the start and we were tired so let’s see!!  This is brutal and a definite push by all (except Geno apparently who can’t count; which Cheesy confirmed at #coffeeteria).

1 final OneCall IC for GOOD LUCK!!!


Count-O-Rama – 11
Prayer requests for those in AR today
Prayer requests unspoken

– Super thankful to everyone that came out and helped YHC celebrate!!!!  Hope everyone had a blast!!!

– Dragon Boat
– Catapult
– Fill April Q sheet
– Hamburglar took over #BeachBells AOQ!!!
– Bling and Buffett have put together some #2ndF stuff – check it out in the #2ndF Slack Channel!!!


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