Birthday Q 2/26/1966

Birthday Q 2/26/1966

Workout Date:





Geno, Billboard(respect), Fergie, Karma, Headgear, Franklin, Disconnect, Hamburglar,Jingles (respect) QIC

The Thang:

well pulled in to lot to see four vehicles of pre runners, plus Karma napping & billboard waiting on me of course.  It was a brisk 45 degrees but felt like 32!!  They k & b jumped out as soon as I arrived so even though I was enjoying my heated seat I jumped out also.  Of course Karma started his banter early because he has missed us since he hadn’t been to a beat down in over about 10 days or so?

The first runner came trotting in to finish his run (disconnect).   I gave the two minute warning then the other three came in hot to finish their run.  While they caught their breath I gave disclaimer.  As disclaimer being given mumble chatter started hard.

the thing began then

IC SSH. 54.    After I instructed pax that this would be the only exercise with my age as the number

OYO 22 merkins

lil baby arm circles forward. 20

backward 21

overhead clap 20

air presses 22

imperial walkers 20

wind mill 21

through the tunnel 20

mosey to bridge at bridge I explained the beat down as of course with this group mumble chatter was rolling on during explanations.

2/26/1966. All stops with 4 excercises at each stop of Indian run tour of lake!

start with excercises here

2- ssh

26- merkins

19- big boys

66- plank jacks.   As moans and chatter was rolling on

which one chatter caught all pax attention about how disconnect was unaware of whom John Fritz was AKA “Bling”.  Which of who he had just spent two hours with yesterday during waverucker!??

indian run begins to next stop other bridge. As mumble chatter continued during because of this immaculate tumble taken about a month ago during Indian run in same area by yours truly Jingles!!


26- diamond merkins

19- American hammers

66- big boys

indian run to next stop benches open areas by bridge

2- Freddie Mercury’s

26- wide armed merkins

19- squats

66- big boys

as mumble chatter continued during all exercises and we were preparing to mosey Karma chatter got real as he ran face first completely into tree 🌴splat 😮😣

as im writing laughing historically replaying this in my mind 😂🤣😁

as we mosey to next stop which do to time had to adjust and skip to last stop at corner of forbus.

Geno states did that really just happened I can’t believe it?🤷‍♂️

So Billboard and Hamburglar were ready to go and shot like a rocket away from rest of pax

last stop 2- plank jacks

26- hand release merkins

19- big boys

66- 2 count flutters

indian run rest of lake to shelter then jail break back to flags

then had couple minutes for 10 big boys

the billboard chose American hammers IC 25

count off 9 pax

announcements Warthog shirt order available, Q sheet needs filled as we filled next weeks during comments.  Dragon boat April, prayer request none stated , praise report none mentioned.

QIC took us out in prayer!

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