A Bit of Both

A Bit of Both

Workout Date:





Lombardi (R), Doughboy, Texas Ranger, First Base (Catapult AoQ), ERC, Coathanger, Elmers (R), Rubber, Beefsteak, Quaker, Jeter, YHC (12 total)

The Thang:

I arrived at the AoQ at 5:20 to begin setting up with Pikachu’s assistance (and torture devices), Beefsteak and Jeter were out running somewhere (separately). After setting up too much equipment that was hardly used, I caught up with Doughboy for the very end of his run, then did a little social warm-up as PAX began filing in. My desperate attempts to draw a crowd were met with a much appreciated dozen PAX (although I was internally competing against Humpback’s 20 PAX that previous Wednesday).

I began with a proper welcome / mission statement / disclaimer that tested the patience of the PAX who don’t have a high fat percentage, then began a rather long warm up: Calf Extensions, Hairy Rockettes, Imperial Walkers, Hillbillies, Through the Tunnel, Windmill, Arm Circles (pausing at different times and variations (such as Cherry Pickers or Air Press) to recite 5 Core Principles (which Coathanger later told me he had never heard before (what the heck are we even doing guys?)). Warmup 2.0 was mosey to cross, 100x Rocky Balboas. Then head to big lot, break up into two groups, Indian Run The Lines in two separate groups for the duration of a song. Then head to bleachers, 20 dips / 20 step ups rinse repeat for the duration of a song. Grab blocks, head back to big lot.


Break into 3 groups of 4 men, rotating to the three stations:

Station 1: Pikachu’s Ring of Pain and take turns leading different block workouts in a rotating fashion IC (maybe I should have put the big weight in the Ring of Pain so it would be difficult (or you could have Rubber sit in it)). Bear crawl to the next station.

Station 2: Circle of Mary until Station 1 group gets to you, then you…

Station 3: Run around the AO, stopping at the halfway point (shovel flag) to do 10 burpees, until you get to Station 1.

It ran late, we ran to rack blocks, quick Count O Rama and Name O Rama, all of the announcements, quick prayer, onto Coffeteria.

The clock on all of our watches and phones was wrong, thankfully we followed the bell at the church across the street (according to our incorrect modern technology, we started at 6:02 and finished at 7:02)

MOLESKINE: “Time flies when you’re having fun” – I don’t know that this was one of the more intense beatdowns we’ve had, but something feels right when a group of guys are laughing and goofing off together.

We all have pressures and stresses when the sun comes up with our careers, spouses, and children – BUT THE SUN AIN’T UP YET.

Save your striving and working for later in the day. The early bird gets the worm, but the EARLY EARLY bird gets to have fun with friends.

This morning reminded me of a similar beatdown I did almost a full year ago shortly after achieving my lifelong dream of becoming AoQ, when Rubber and Elmers were playing horseshoes with tires and cinder blocks.

Some mornings, you beat your 5k record, or train for your half marathon – all good things. Other mornings you fist bump, share smiles and coffee, talk about tough things, extend some grace, and get a little movement in. Which is better? I’ll take a bit of both.