Bizarro Fergie

Bizarro Fergie

Workout Date:





Fergie, Shoeless (R2), Snips, Baggage, Headgear (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: Warthog


Conditions: Cool. 52 degrees. Clear.


Rolled up to the AO about 0500 and Fergie was already there getting his warmup in.  I was finishing up my weinke in the truck and Snips and Shoeless rolled in.  I jumped out in time for the 1 minute warning and as I was reciting the disclaimer, Baggage pulled up.  5 PAX, let’s roll!


1 Minute Warning




Mosey past bridge




IW x20 IC


HB x 20 IC


TTT x 20 IC


Windmill x 15 IC




Merkins x 22 good form


Squats x20 good form


LBAC x 15 IC

Reverse x 15 IC

PAX recite and discuss 5 core principles 

Cherry pickers x15 IC

OHP x 15 IC

Full Arm Rotations backward and Forward


Mosey to garage


11s up ramp




To the wall

Wall sits

Merkins x15

Couch Stretch


Mosey to the pavilion


Step ups x50 OYO


Mosey to the ShovelFlag




Announcements – Snips could use some help at the retreat center next Wed/Thur/Friday.  

We are in possession of The Ainsley’s Angels trailer and will be working on it so it can be put to use again.  Contact Cubby/Weedeater for more.  Ainsley’s Angels could also use some runners to push the chariots in upcoming races.  

FreedToBleed blood drive – tomorrow, Friday 10-29.  

Tacky Tank Top and Costume Convergence this weekend, Sat 10-30 at Warthog 0700.  Coffeteria to follow at Tidal Creek Brewhouse.  Check Slack for pre-work EC.  

Christmas Party – Dec 11 at Waterway Palms

F3 Date Night – Dec 4

F3 Football League Inaugural game – North vs South – Dec 4


Prayers – For health – Snips Dad, Mike,   Valvano’s Dad, Manziel’s Dad and BIL, Humpbacks Dad.  

SpinalTaps 2.0’s testing and sports.  



Warthog had a strong 14 PAX show up on Tuesday so I didn’t know what to expect today. We ended up with 5 PAX that beat the fart sack and posted. Double Respect PAX, Shoeless was an FNG Tuesday and was back for more!  It was below 60 degrees and Snips was here.  Which, according to Fergie, is not the norm.  And we didn’t even recognize Fergie since he was wearing a black shirt and not his signature white tee!  Baggage showed up ready to roll today as usual crushing it!  The idea today was to get some good proper form basics in with a little stretching.  The couch stretch seems to be a favorite whenever I pull this one out!  We didn’t have time for broga like I had planned but we had a good beatdown.  No races today, no bat flipping, just good proper movements!  Great work by all!  


Always an honor to lead these men!

-Headgear out!


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