Blackbeard is BackBlasting!

Blackbeard is BackBlasting!

Workout Date:



Soft Shell


Papa Smurf(Triple Respect), Heisenburg(Respect), Esau, Mater, Bob the Builder, Spinal Tap, Blacktop(Respect), Pluff Mud(Respect), Marino Soft Shell(QIC)

The Thang:

AO: Blackbeard’s Revenge

Conditions: 55 Cool

I showed up at my normal time of 5 am to see the lights already on and Papa Smurf ‘s car in the parking lot.  He is always out there for a early warm up of 1 to 2 miles.   YHC threw ruck on and proceeded to do a mile mosey ruck around the hospital to warm up.  Upon returning there were a couple of cars already in the lot and more pulling in.  Lets get this beatdown started!

1 minute warning.


SSH x20 IC

TTT x20 IC

LBAC x20 Forward IC

LBAC x20 Backward IC

Air Presses x20 IC

Imperial Walkers x20 IC


Mosey to the log

25 Rocky Balboa’s OYO

10 Incline Merkins OYO

25 Rocky Balboas’s OYO

10 Incline Merkins OYO


Mosey to Basketball Court and line up on the baseline

5 Burpees on the baseline

Mosey to 1/2 court –> 5 Burpees

Mosey to other baseline –> 5 Burpees

Mosey to 1/2 court –> 5 Burpees

Mosey to original baseline  –> Plank on the 6

The reps were increased by five every time up to 30 and then back down to five while changing the exercise every time as follows in hopes of making sure the whole body was smoked by the end.

Carolina Dry Docks (10)     Merkins (15)     Squats (20)     Big Boys (25)     Flutters (30)     LBC (25)

Monkey Humpers (20)     Merkins (15)     Carolina Dry Docks (10)     Burpees (5)

The movement was changed from baseline to baseline for every exercise as well.

Unfortunately we did not get to last CDD  or Burpees!  Next Time!


Time was called

Mosey back to the shovel flag


Prayers spoken and unspoken.

Announcements: Halloween at Warthog!

Soft Shell

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