Blackbeard turns 4!

Blackbeard turns 4!

Workout Date:



Sunshine and One Call Co-Q


One Call, Sade', Esau, Hiesenburg (respect), Flash, Headgear, Seal Break (2.0), Tater Tot (2.0), Weedeater, Soft shell, Hamburglar, Gramby, Franklin, Bubbles, Shrapnel (triple respect), Spinal Tap, Omaha, Karma, Cat Daddy (double respect), Cheezy Biscuit, Skimmer (respect), Freezer Burn, Single Barrel, King James, Rousey, Flop, Rubber, Progresso, High Interest, Black Top (respect), Pluff Mud (respect), Pappa Smurf (triple respect), Billboard, Little Talon (FNG 2.0)

The Thang:

Conditions: Warm and Humid d/t the excitement for impending celebration beatdown.

Several weeks ago the F3 executive board was having the quarterly meeting and agreed to continue celebrating AO anniversaries with convergences and realized the Blackbeard 4 year anniversary was soon approaching.  We jumped into gear to ensure giving all PAX enough heads up to plan.  We connected with two of the Blackbeard favorites and OG ambassadors, Cheezy (AOQ) and Pappa Smurf to ensure all PAX would agree to make this celebration EPIC.  First we had to choose a date that would ensure a great turnout, but this was difficult as Blackbeard only meets two weekdays per week and NEVER on Saturdays (Rubber reminded me that Murrells Inlet community is a drinking community with a fishing problem).  Cheezy ensures that the PAX would agree just this one time to a Saturday beatdown and it was ON.  We also agreed that we should have a coffeeteria 2nd F function just following and Cheesy and Papa organized the rest (thank you for the awesome thoughtfulness of Chic-Fil-A coffee and biscuits).   One Call (past Nant’an) and I (Nant’an) agreed to co-Q so that we would be able to connect the past and current vision/mission of F3 Granstrand to the PAX down south, many of which I look forward to, but still have yet to get to know well.

In prep for the Gloom, I asked One Call’s plans for the 1st half of the beatdown so as not to repeat and I reviewed the Lexicon to bring some heat incorporating something that would allow partner work and something even I had yet to experience.

On beatdown eve, I exchanged some texts with local PAX to organize a Clown Car south and would be joined in the gloom by Single Barrel and Rubber.  As we rolled in hot and on two wheels, d/t my forgetfulness of both cones and fuel for the truck, we were greeted by the stelar group of PAX and familiar faces that had already assembled.

shovel flags were planted.

1 min warning

Disclamer: via One Call

Welcome and New Shovel Flag presentation to Papa Smurf.  One Call (resident shovel Flag expert) wanted to present Blackbeard with a new flag and also present (triple respect) Papa with his very own smurf themed flag.  His kind words got us all choked up but that all resolved quickly with..

Thang: All PAX mosey and circle up in baseball field outfield

COP: One Call on Q


IW 15 IC

Diamond Merkins 10 IC

Tempo Merkins 10 IC

Flutter Kicks 15 IC

Tempo Squat 15 IC

Plank: with time to present some F3 Mission,  core principles, and 3 F’s


Merkins 22 IC


Tempo Squat 15 IC

LBAC Forward 15 IC, Backward 15 IC, OH Claps 15 IC, Cherry Pickers 15 IC, OH press 15 IC


Wide Arm Merkins 20 IC

Hello Dolly 20 IC

Mosey to the soccer field adjacent to ball field and all PAX align on sideline

All PAX were directed to AMRAP for remixing 9 min of One Call’s Q

AMRAP: 10 hand release Merkins, 10 Jump Squats, 10 BBSU, follows by mosey across field and repeat, mosey back, rinse and repeat for 9 min.

As the nine min would down and all PAX were dusted by the 2.0’s One Call catered ALL PAX in circle to info and pass the baton to YHC for the final 30min.

Mosey back to soccer field where cones were spaced about 25-30 yds apart.  PAX partnered up with someone they didn’t usually post with to get to know PAX better and spread the love.  ALL partners aligned on outfield foul line and tone was set.

DORA Bear Crawl 1,2,3: like the standard Dora, teams were to perform 100 merkins, 200 BBSU, and 300 Squats.  The usual mosey by 1 PAX is replaced with bearcrawl across and crawlbear back.  (this new exercise posed to be harder than expected with all of the bearcrawl and was quickly modified to shorter length to ensure all teams would finish with some time remaining.

With 5 min remaining: All Pax circle again in the outfield for finale of Jack Webbs

Jack Webbs: 1/4 ratio Merkins/ OH press: ie. 1 Merkin/4 OH Press, 2 Merkins/8 OH Press, etc to 8 Merkins/32 OH Press.


Announcements:Vision for growth toward Georgetown (EH a Grown FNG), Get Backblasts of beatdowns completed, Tweet numbers and pics from beatdowns, Flop would love to pass the Stat position to anyone who can use a spreadsheet, Elevation Monday rotating AO beginning, Blackbeard shirt order beginning,   Shield Lock challenge begining.

Prayers: Scuba Steve Test Prayers

Coffeeteria to follow: Thanks Cheezy and M

Thanks for allowing me to lead and be a few days late on posting this BB!



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