Block Hoists at the Village

Block Hoists at the Village

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War Eagle, Flyover, Brownbag (Respect), Boxcar, Beefsteak, Goldberg, Quaker, Redcoat, Sunshine, Rubber, Kotite (FNG), Crankbait (QIC)

The Thang:

I showed up at the AO early to set up a new implement of pain for the unsuspecting Pax.  I grabbed 2 cinder blocks and some rope and headed toward the playground.  I wanted to arrange an exercise similar to the Hercules Hoist from the Spartan races.  I tried the rope over the basketball goal, which was a no-go.  I then found a nice spot over the playground rings.  I rigged 2 cinder blocks on the end, which proved to be a little too much weight with the friction of the rope.  The final hoist was composed of a rope over the bar, attached to a cinder block, to be pulled up AMRAP during the workout.  At the completion of my project, the pax started rolling in.  My FNG showed up from his HC the day before.  He met the aquaintance of all the existing Pax and we got started.


1 minute warning

Full disclaimer

Circled up for a version of the standard Village warmup:

SSH x 20

IW x 20

TTT x 15

LBAC x 15 F x 15 IR

OH Claps x 15

Merkins x 22 OYO

BB Situps x 20 OYO

Squats x 20 OYO


I chose a late audible to the workup to accommodate our FNG.  DORA 1-2-3 was selected with the standard loop around the AOs lot.

  1. Merkins x 100
  2. Lap
  3. BB Situps x 200
  4. Lap
  5. Squats x 300
  6. Lap

At the completion of DORA, it was obvious that we did not need to modify for our FNG.  He was crushing the workout right with the rest of the Pax.  We then moseyed over to the playground for some pain.  Circle up.


Pain station 1 – Cinder block hoist AMRAP x 30 sec

Pain station 2 – Pullups AMRAP x 30 sec

Pain station 3 – Low bar, horizontal pullups x 30 sec

Pain station 4 – Remaining pax circled up for Pax choice x 30 seconds each


1 Pax filled each pain station, and the rest circled up for 30 second interval pax choice.  At the end of each 30 second interval, each pax rotated through the pain stations until all had completed the full circuit.  A healthy dose of the usual Mary exercises were mixed in with a few unpopular choices (#Burpees).  With 12 pax in attendance, this was quite a circuit.  110% was given by all, and the FNG had to be impressed.


We then lined up for a long Indian run around the entire AO.  This was a leg warmup for the finisher.  We then lined up for some 50m sprints in the parking lot.  6 rounds were performed and all pax were smoked.  Time was called, as we had nothing left to give.


Count-o-rama = 12

Name-o-rama, welcome FNG Kotite


Prayer requests and prayed it out


Inspiration of the day – Major congrats to Brown bag (Respect) who posted for his 20th workout in 26 days after posting as an FNG!  Now that’s an accelerating HIM!  Well done sir.


Quote of the day – “Do not pray for an easy life; pray for the strength to endure a difficult one.” – Bruce Lee


As always, it was an honor to lead these men.


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