Block on the beach

Block on the beach

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Flash, bubbles, lookout, Disconnect

The Thang:

About 70 medium Humidity.

With The good news I got yesterday, I will be honest, I didn’t want to come out this morning.
I’ve  been extremely tired and beat down. I realized that life is more about the experience and you can always sleep when your dead.

Ha! Went and spent my entire lunch break yesterday at a Home Depot buying 5 blocks. Got some big nasty, heavy ones. They collect sand very very well….. I didn’t mean to do this but. It made the work,  That much harder.
Arrived about 0500 to find Bubbles awaiting me at the access.
Got out and about that time, look out pulled in next to me. Homie had a sweet Honda Oddessy better than mine. Kinda jelly.
we grabbed three blocks and the shovel flag headed to the beach.
I always like it when the tide is up. Makes the beach seem smaller.
I headed back to close the trunk of my car only to find Flash Flash Hundred yard dash arriving.
thought he was Q elite Friday, guess I heard wrong.

we circled up, I got my speaker going with what bubbles called some God awful music…. and we began.

before the Thang …..The sunrise this morning was like a mag light of yellow and orange and red, shining in behind clouds…. looked amazing. Just one beam  of light straight up.

25 SSH

15 I.W

15 TTT

15 tempo

Mosey and back

15 hillbillies

22 merkins OYO

20 LBAC forward

20 LBAC reverse

Mosey down and back

15 Block thrusters

20 Freddy mercuries x3

15 block swings

20 flutters x3

Mosey down and back

15 block slammes

20 LBC x3

15 block movements

20 big boys

Mosey down and back

Block squat throw, down and back

Alternating single arm merkins 10

Block throw Down and back

Over head press 10

Farmer carry down and back

10 surrender squats

Farmer carry

10 squats x 2

10 blocks to God

10 flutters in cadence

10 alternating American hammers

50 LBCs

10 heels to heaven


10 alternating American hammers

50 LBCs




Always an honor to lead.

May you write your worries in the Sand,

chisel your victories in stone.

Over and Out.

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