Block Party at The Riviera

Block Party at The Riviera

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High Interest


Grasspatch, Bob the Builder, HoeDown, Big Love, Lil Love, Peach, Goldberg, Super Dave, Mudslide, Etch-a-Sketch, Bluegrass, High Cotton, High Interest (QIC)

The Thang:

Conditions – 75, Soupy but not raining!

Goldberg threw out a poll on Twitter last night gauging whether PAX thought we’d get 15 at the Riviera this morning or if the fartsack would win out. YHC checked the results of this poll this morning before heading to the AO. Only 5 votes, and 3 were in favor of the fartsack. Not exactly the ULTIMATE motivation I was hoping for but I loaded up the cinder blocks and headed out. Got to the AO to find a few PAX milling around and then saw the flash of bicycle lights in the distance. It wasn’t 15 PAX as Goldberg hoped for, but a strong showing of 13 none-the-less.

0514 One Minute Warning

0515 Disclaimer


34 SSH IC – Not all of cyclers were ready to get started right at 0515 so we did SSH until Bluegrass could change out of cycling slippers and into some decent shoes. YHC hates to see any PAX miss the SSH. Just doesn’t feel like an F3 beatdown without the SSH
22 Merkins OYO
15 Imperial Walker IC
15 Hillbilly IC
Quick reminder to get with Grasspatch and fill the Q sheet for August and to travel to other AOs if your schedule allows.
15 LBAC in Reverse IC
15 Cherry Pickers IC
15 Air Chair Air presses IC
5 Burpees OYO
15 Windmill IC
20 Flutter kicks IC

Head over to the High Interest-mobile and unload the cinder blocks and 2 rucks.

The Thang

BOMBS with Blocks
PAX partnered up to complete:

50 blockees
100 overhead press
150 merkins
200 block swings
250 squats

While PAX performed the exercise, PAX 2 was instructed to either ran the full perimeter of the parking lot or rucked 2/3 of the perimeter. Most PAX rucked the entire perimeter anyway. #harderthing After each PAX had a round with the ruck, we switched it up to a farmers carry with the ruck.

All PAX completed BOMBS with about 5 minutes left. We reracked the weights and headed to flag for a quick round of Mary:

15 Hello Dolly IC
15 Rosalitas IC
15 Boxcutters IC

Time called.

New Directions Men’s Shelter AO on Saturdays at 0730 – 0815. Get out and support the new AO if you can.
The Republic Saturday Bootcamps are off to a strong start and needs a Q this Saturday!
True North Coastal 9/14-9/16 has a few spots available – See HoeDown for more information.
Be the Feet 5K Fun Run 9/22 in Conway. See HoeDown for details.
Whetstone getting started in the Region. Learn more and fill out the survey here.

YHC also encouraged all PAX to listen to the 43 Feet podcast episode 6 discussing #shieldlock. It’s a concept YHC misunderstood and gained a much better understanding from the podcast. As a Region it would benefit us all to develop our shieldlocks.

Prayer Requests:
Peach’s Son having surgery today
Bluegrass’ nephew had a close friend who just graduated high school pass away
Etch-A-Sketch mentioned 2 families currently dealing with the loss of loved ones.


Always an honor to lead,

High Interest

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