“Block Party” Beatdown

“Block Party” Beatdown

Workout Date:





Viagra, Labrat, Enron, and (1) FNG

The Thang:


CONDITION: 47* and Misty, Very Gloomy (PERFECT)

Now that my wife is a nurse working the night shift my F3 Schedule is becoming sporadic.  Which means that i must make the most out of every beat down when I’m there.  Get out and Put out!!  Anyways i picked up my FNG on the way to AO and had him help me set up.  I dropped everyones favorite beat down sticks (5′ x 2″ PVC filled with Sand) at the AO and then i drove my truck and parked it over on the other side of the park with some surprise coupons.  I think everyone knows by now when my truck is not at the AO at start there is something in-store somewhere!

Enron was parked when i got there, Labrat and Viagra must have been racing as they both pulled in with 3 mins to spare.

6:29 -1 Minute Warning!

6:30- Lets go!


10- Good Mornings

15- Tempo Squats

20- SSH

25- Imperial Walkers

High Knees Across Parking Lot (25Yds)

Butt Kicks Back


Yolk Walk Across Parking Lot w/Stick

Frankensteins (Modified)- Hold Stick out in Front Parallell

15- Good Mornings While Holding Beat Stick out in Front

25- Overhead Press

25- Curls


Lets Mosey…  I grab the pax and we take off to  the Yoga Mat over at McClean Park (Still Carrying Sticks).  Upon Arrival we Knock out some Excersises with out Sticks, Arm Raises, Overhead Press, Rows.  Drop the Sticks run down to Baseball Field and Back.  On the way back we stop at my truck and everyone grabs a BLOCK.  Back to the Yoga Mat-

10- Blockee’s OYO

15- Overhead Press

20- Goblet Squats

25- Block (KettleBell) Swings

30- Incline Merkins on Block

Mosey down to Baseball field and Hold Plank.  Its at this point i asked each member what the core values of F3 were followed by a Merkin.   I needed to make sure the FNG knew what we were about.  Run back to Blocks and RINSE AND REPEAT.

After the second serving of Blocks we threw them back in the truck, Everyone Grabs there beat sticks and follows me.  Time to Mosey.  We head to the parking lot where yolk walking while stepping up on pylons seemed like a great idea, until i looked back and only 2 of us were able to make it the whole way.  We recover everyone and head towards the beach access.  Daily Sevens were issued-  Dips and Incline Merkins.  after that we head back towards AO Start.  At this point everyone is well “convinced” that they need more, so i give it to them.

DORA:  100 Squats, 200 Overhead Press, 300 Curls  (All with Coupons)

The guys partnered up and completed everything with less than 1 minute to go.  So we need to finish strong and theres only 1 thing for that:



Count it off, all 5 Pax accounted for.  I was a little ashamed at the count this morning, but everyone gave 110% and that is what its all about.  I just have some coupons that are sad they didn’t get picked up and put down, but we’ll fix that next week

Name O Rama-  We gave a pretty sweet name to our FNG who gave us some details about an embarrassing moment that shall not be named in this backblast.  If you want to know come up to Timeshare and ask.

ANNOUNCEMENTS:  I let the guys know here that Valvano is looking for guys to join the Flag Football Team.   Also talk of a Softball team as well.  Most guys express interest.

Circle of Trust-  Viagra led us out in prayer


Great Workout guys!  Honor to LEAD!!




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