Blockee Mile

Blockee Mile

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Cross Stitch(BS AOQ), Drifter, Lombardi (R), Candy Cane, Jeter, Beefsteak, ERC, Dough Boy, Sunshine, Quaker(R)

The Thang:

Going to make this short and sweet, better than no backblast at all.

Traveling COP: It was windy cold so let’s get moving, mosey!

50 x (2-Count) Rocky B’s on the curb in front of cross

Continued our way around the AO stopping at different points, exercises included:

Hillbillies, Through The Tunnel, Windmills, LBAC’s, Overhead Clap, Seal Claps then to the Block Pile.

Main Event:

For the main event we did a Blockee Mile and we carried the blocks around with us for the (4) Quarter Mile Laps around the AO. A modification to the Blockee Mile was we did 3 Blockee’s at each corner (instead of 12 Blockee’s at the end of each lap) so we still got our 12 Blockee’s/lap around, 48 Blockee’s total for the mile. When we fist set out we split up into 2 teams initially but we were carrying the blocks so there was no real race going on just a steady walking pace from corner to corner/lap to lap. It ended up being a really good workout because in addition to the block carry and blockee’s we got in some 2nd F along the way.

1 Mile Block Carry/48 Blockee’s

Count O’ Rama– 11

Name O’ Rama


December 3rd Christmas Party

Multiple opportunities to complete the Chad 1000 workout on Saturday

Prayer by YHC

Honor to Lead!