Blocks, Lap, Blocks, Lap

Blocks, Lap, Blocks, Lap

Workout Date:





Beaker, Viagra (RESPECT), Burgandy, OneCall (QIC)

The Thang:


The rain held off, which allowed me to carry on with my original plan!  Not that being soaked is so terrible, but….Anyhow, the M has been on me to get rid of some landscaping stones sitting in the yard collecting pollen, so last night I loaded a few in the car ready to bring them for use and storage at #Timeshare.  As usual, I tweet tagged everybody up there.  I did learn today that Crayola and Cubbie are living a little more on the south end now….but we haven’t seen them at the 3 AO’s right around the corner from them!!!  The group misses Cowboy, Bodyguard, Iron Lung, Quicksand, Shank, and Tool Time.  They really should be posting.  Also, not sure where Barbie was!

SSH x 20 IC
IW x 15 IC
TTT x 15 IC
Tempo Squats x 20 IC
Merkins x 10 IC

Grab a block (22.4 lbs) out of the car; head across the street

With there only being 4 of us, YHC decided we would do stuff and stay together and have some fellowship as well as the beatdown
All exercises would require FULL ROM!

20 Shoulder Presses
Run a lap

20 curls
20 tricep extensions
25 LBC’s
Plank on 6
Run a lap

20 good mornings
20 front hold squats
25 LBC’s
Plank on 6
Run a lap

20 upright rows
10 each arm full shrug
2 PAX plank
2 PAX farmer walk 2 stones to far end and back
25 LBC’s
Run a lap

20 flutters (2 count) holding or pressing stone
20 american hammers (2 count) with stone
20 BBSU’s with stone
25 LBC’s
Plank on 6
Run a lap

20 stone swings
10 triple crushes
25 LBC’s
Run a lap

A few minutes left, so we would do 45 seconds of intense work, and 15 seconds of rest
Shoulder Presses
Tricep extensions
Good mornings
Front hold squats

Finished off with 22 Merkins – #22Kills
But, do em this way – stay in plank…do 5 with left hand on ground and right hand on block, move a bit, 5 both hands on block, move, 5 left hand on block and right hand on ground, move back to both hands on block to finish with 7 more

Store stones under the tree for the next time


Count-O-Rama – 4
Prayer requests unspoken

– Great time this morning…the 4 of us got to work hard and have some great fellowship.  Appreciate each of you men coming out and pushing things this morning.  Getting out of our comfort zones makes us better.  Some guys don’t wanna lift stuff, but they do.  Some guys don’t wanna run (YHC), but adding that in to the #weinke makes sure everybody gets something out of it.  Remember the Q is not about what you want to do or only what you are good at; it is about your PAX and serving them!

– Look out for the newsletter!!  Lots of important stuff on it!
HUGE 3 year anniversary convergence on JUNE 9 at #Warthog – Papa Smurf on Q!!!  DO NOT MISS
– Dad Camp August 17-19 – talk to Crankbait




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