Blowing Smoke…. up Whittle’s Skirt!

Blowing Smoke…. up Whittle’s Skirt!

Workout Date:





Bluegrass, Tag Team, Whittle, and Grasspatch

The Thang:

It’s getting that time of year.  As the blue Christmas tree on The Rock shines brightly over the #Riviera on a cold clear morning, the 28 degree temperatures offered the tempting opportunity of skipping the #DRP and yielding to the ol ‘#fartsack.  Yet YHC and Bluegrass started a little early with a good run. After a slow pace of 2 miles I took the exit ramp at 5:05 so Bluegrass could blaze another mile before the bell rang!  Upon returning to my truck, to my surprise, it was the most famous #kotter of them all, Whittle appeared!  Bluegrass did a “U-ie” just to greet his long lost brother!  He seemed as excited as Ralphie Parker with his Red Ryder to have him back!  As we watched them hold hands to join the rest of us, the short list of #HIM  arrived…

One Minute Warning


Warmup – Mosey around the parking lot back to flag. Warm up Carioca for the last 50 yds.

SSH – 30 IC, Wind Mill – 25 IC, Imperial Walkers – 25IC, Merkins- 20IC, Arm circles – 15F -10OH-15R,

#BlackSnake over to Big Lots big box parking lot

#Mubblechatter ensued about the changing Whittle’s name.  Of course inquiring minds want to know more!  We were told “Skirt” was in consideration. Created in a conversation btwn @F3billboard and @F3Bluegrass.  I was thinking Whittle had taken up bagpipes and “kelt” was taken, but I was wrong… and it was explained simply as, NO because Whittle’s wife wears the PANTS… and so it was ON!

#GlobalWarming: (Hold Al Gore in a large circle)  SHUFFLE feet in circle to the Right until the exercise is called out: 25 Bobby Hurley IC, 20 mountain climbers 4CIC, 20 Deep squats IC, SHIFT SHUFFLE to the left 10 Lunges ea leg, 25 Mountain Climbers 4CIC, ended with 25 Burpees.

(Our Kotter team needed some help picking up the SIX and Bluegrass held Whittle accountable for his share of Lunges, Burpees, and LBC’s)

DORA: 50 Split Leg Squats, 100 Merkins, 200 LBC’s / Run across 100 yd parking lot.  Recover except for Team #kotter… catching up.

We all let Whittle lead us home, and we think the sweat was in his eyes as he routed us through a landmine of broken up asphalt on a Mosey back to the flag!

COT. Name-O-Rama. Prayers and concerns.  Christmas Party/Dec 22 @ Bomb Squad/Friday Crucible Begins at the TOWER led by PEACH! Launch of the Aynor AO on Jan 5th @ 7AM! 


At Whittle’s expense we all got a good laugh. For a few moments, we forgot how bad our lungs were burning, how numb our fingers were or how rubbery our legs felt.  Whittle is really a good sport!  Most men don’t have skin thick enough to take Bluegrass’ loving berating.  As witnessed on slack and twitter, their’s is defiantly a special relationship!?!  We all need the #accountability to take the #DRP, but its needed in ALL areas of our lives!

Men, we are too easily distracted.  Our focus can be fractured easily and we find ourselves in isolation.  I pray you are man enough to call out a brother when you see him Fading, Failing, or Faking… We never know when your words of concern help them stay out of a rut and change a negative habit.  Our Bible verse this morning:

1 Cor 16:13-14 “Be on guard. Stand firm in the faith. Be courageous. Be strong. And do everything with love. 

Its all about the brotherly love.

Its an honor to serve,

YHC – Runoff

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