Bomb Squad AOQ Torch Pass to Beefsteak

Bomb Squad AOQ Torch Pass to Beefsteak

Workout Date:



Spork->Beefsteak (AOQ Torch Pass Split Q)


Humpback, Sade', Quaker(1stFQ,Respect), O'Doul's, Rousey(Pre-spectūü§£) Hamburglar, ERC, Headgear(Weasel Shaker)

The Thang:

AO: Bomb Squad
Start Time: 5:15

So it’s time to pass the AOQ torch to a #HIM deserving of the honor, Beefsteak!¬† The moment is a little surreal for YHC as a lot of effort has been put into doing the best job possible this past year.¬† At times it’s been difficult, particularly trying to get Pax back out posting after the initial Covid layoff, but overall I have really enjoyed my time as AOQ! ¬†Some of the highlights over the last year were hosting the Halloween Convergence, Ugly Christmas Sweater Convergence, and the 5 Year Bomb Squad Anniversary.¬† I also really enjoyed stenciling blocks (believe it or not) and helping to design a new logo for Bomb Squad, but most of all I really enjoyed getting to know Pax better through Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith!!¬† I will say it has been an honor serving as AOQ and I look forward to doing many more years with my F3 GrandStrand brothers!!

Traveling COP (Spork Led):
->Mosey to front of the church near the Cross
20 SSH (IC)- During exercise Sade’ comes in on 2 wheels and hops out to join us

->Mosey to the right hand corner of the big parking lot
15 LBAC’s (IC) forward
15 LBAC’s (IC) reverse
15 TTT (IC)

->Mosey past the concession stand and around to the back parking lot near one of the sheds (on our way towards the block pile)
15 WM’s (IC)
20 IW’s (IC)

->Mosey to the block pile and grab a block

->Mosey to the big parking lot with block to the Ring of Fire cones already set up

Main Event (Spork Led):
Welcome to the Ring of Fire.
Pax are stationed at each cone where there is a sheet with a weight training exercise on it.
Pax will do 1 timed minute at each cone station and will do 1 lap around the big parking lot between each cone station until all cone stations have been completed.

Curls (1 Minute)->Lap

Overhead Press  (1 Minute)->Lap

Tricep Extensions (1 Minute)->Lap

Bent Over Rows (1 Minute)->Lap

Bench Press (1 Minute)->Lap

Block Swings (1 Minute)->Lap

Beefsteak it’s all yours brother!

Main Event (Beefsteak Led):
4 Corners

Corner #1 
10 Burpees

Corner #2
10 Burpees, 20 Merkins

Corner #3
10 Burpees, 20 Merkins, 30 Squats

Corner #4
10 Burpees, 20 Merkins, 30 Squats, 40 Hello Dolly’s

->Pick up blocks from the Ring of Fire and Riffle Carry all the way back to the block pile

->Mosey to side parking lot not far from the block pile

Lunge Walk
-All the way to the stop sign where you turn onto Carolina Forest Boulevard

->Mosey back to the flag

20 Flutter Kicks (4 Count/IC)



->Blood Drive “Freed to Bleed” scheduled for 03/02/21 but there is some scheduling conflict with after school programs now that school is back 5 days a week.¬† Stay tuned to Slack for details!
->GrowRuck Training Opportunity next Saturday 2/27/21 from 0400-0800 at Warthog.¬† Come see what it’s like to go through a mini ruck event, you may love it, you may hate it, but you want know unless you try it.¬† Loaner rucks are available!
->GrowRuck coming to Myrtle Beach 4/30-5/2/21!¬† Let’s get some more sign ups!

Prayer requests:
->O’Doul’s lost a dear family member recently to Covid, prayers out to O’Doul’s and the family!

BOM by Beefsteak

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