Bombsquad 12/19 4 corners

Bombsquad 12/19 4 corners

Workout Date:





Rousey (Respect), Jetah, Beefsteak, Quaker (Respect), Elmers (Respect), Doughboy, Speedbump (QIC)

The Thang:

YHC took the Q to fill a gap in the schedule a few days out. However instead of using that time to prepare a workout I elected to wing it and it showed. Fortunate to have some season pax so I chose to outsource additional four corner rounds to the group.

Orientation: Frigid 32 degrees, dry, dark. Despite the cold 7 pax showed up to earn the extra holiday egg nog surely to follow this weekend.

Warm up: Side straddle hop, mountain climbers, hairy rockets, mosey to the block pile and back.

Exercise: 4 corners around the church. Corner 1 chest exercise, Corner 2 legs, Corner 3 abs, Corner 4 back. I led the first round, then outsourced the Q to other pax to lead the next 3 rounds with promises to abide by the chest/leg/abs/back guidelines (some confusion about which exercise work which muscle groups though).

-Speedbump’s round: Decline Merkins, Lunges, Big Boy Situps, Block Swings.

-Rousey’s Round: Curls, Block Squats, Block Fluter Kicks, Blockees.

-Jetah’s Round: Block bench press, Jump Squats, Little Baby Crunches, Bent Over Rows.

-Beefsteak’s Round: slow cadence merkins, Monkey Humpers, Pretzel Crunches, Super mans.

Cool Down: Mosey to put the blocks back, OYO Stretch.

Announcements: Low turn out for blood drive on Fri. Let’s get there guys, I used to get turned away for low hemoglobin and/or pass out, but after going for the first time in 15 years 4 months ago when I returned this time I easily did the power red and had great hemoglobin so I guess letting some out every now and then helps. Also a great excuse to eat steak all week.