BOMBS for Big Monday

BOMBS for Big Monday

Workout Date:



Texas Ranger


Humpback, Backdraft, Spork, Rubber, Hamburglar, O'Doul's, Skidmark, Brownbag, Quaker, ERC, Beefsteak, Boxcar, Sunshine, Texas Ranger (QIC)

The Thang:


Upper 40’s, Cool and clear

Big Monday! One of my favorite days to Q as its usually a good sized group and everybody is eager to get after and start the week off right. As I pulled up, I saw two cars already parked, with Hamburglar and Quaker already in beast mode with their pre-run. The rest of the pax started rolling in and circled up around the flag waiting for the time, seemed like everybody was chomping at the bit to get going… lot of good energy this morning! Gave our customary/weekly condolences to Brownbag for his beloved Browns… even after a win, they still lost.

1 Minute Warning

Quick intro and disclaimer given and we’re off!


SSH x 20 IC, TTT x 20 IC, Windmill x 15 IC, IW x 15 IC, Tempo Squat x 15 IC, Squat Air Press x 15 IC, LBAC x 15 IC, LBAC IR x 15 IC

Indian Run to the Bleachers

11’s – Step ups and Dips

Indian Run to the Coupon pile (pair up and grab a paver per team)

The THANG – 
Take Paver to the Big lot and partner up for some BOMBS (totals for the pair)

B x 50:

P1 – Blockees

P2 – sprint across the parking lot and back

Switch and repeat until finished

O x 100:

P1 – OH Press

P2 – sprint across the parking lot and back

M x 150:

P1 – Merkins

P2 – sprint across the parking lot and back

B x 200:


P2 – sprint across the parking lot and back

S x 200:

P1 – Squats

P2 – sprint across the parking lot and back

Mosey back to the Coupon pile

MARY – Few quick sets of Pax Choice

Crunchy Frog x 15 IC (Now known as the TR special)

Flutter Kicks x 15 IC (Quaker)

American Hammers x 20 IC (Brownbag)

Freddie Mercury x 15 IC (Skidmark)


Count-O-Rama – 14

Announcements – Disconnect’s VQ at WH on Tuesday! Humpback’s birthday Q on Friday @ the Village! CCU tailgate on the 30th, Christmas Party on Dec 7th, Christmas Convergence in Conway on Dec 21.
Prayer requests – Backdraft’s M and their pregnancy

Always an honor to lead!

– TR

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