Bombsquad 11-10-21

Bombsquad 11-10-21

Workout Date:





Brownbag (Respect), Ms. Doubtfire, Beefsteak, Doughboy

The Thang:

Here we go…. I had to fly down and pull in hot, but i made it!  Always enjoy the company of the bombsquad crew when im there, but where were they?  I had a vision of around 10-14 pax but 5 is a solid prime number…

Weather- PERFECT 48 Degrees.  I did see a nice meteor flash on the way in, was pretty inspirational.

Warm up-

TTT x 10 IC, 5 Merkins OYO, Good Mornings x 10 IC, 5 Merkins OYO, SSH x 20 IC, 5 Merkins OYO, IW’s x 20 IC, 5 Merkins OYO

Slow Lunge Walk down, High Knees back

Karoke Down and Back

Butt Kicks down, Toy Soldier Back

The Thang…

After a nice warm up we take a nice mosey and enjoy the morning around the CFCC campus.  On the way back i grab 4 Cones out of my truck and set up a course in the parking lot.  One cone every 5 lines (Roughly 40′) apart.  Take the pax to the coupon pile and grab a block  Set up at start for some cardio and upper body work.

Round 1-  25 Overhead Press w/ Coupon followed by Coned Suicide Course (Block left at start)

Round 2- 10 Overhead Press at Start, and 10 After each part of Suicide (Block left at start)

Round 3- 5 Overhead Press at Start and Carry block with you completing 5 Overhead press at every cone and start.

After this we partnered up (I was the odd man out).

Partner 1 Completes AMRAP Squats while Partner 2 carry’s both blocks down to second cone and back.  (3 Rounds of this)

Next Partner 1 Completes AMRAP Abyss Merkins on Coupons while Partner 2 sprints to last cone and back.

According to Beefsteak AMRAP means “As Many Reps As Preferred” …. hahaha

After that we put the blocks up and Brown bag found a small black frisbee so i decided to use it.. especially since its dark out.. I mean what could go run.  We mosey around and throw the frisbee between- Dropped Frisbee equals 3 Burpees, after 5 drops we switched to merkins, after 5 more drops (we werent even half way around the church) we switched to Big Boys.


Finally made it back to the flag for some quick stretches.

Count- 5

Namer o Rama

Prayer Requests for Manziel’s Back

Honor To Lead


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