BombSquad’s 6 Year Anniversary BackBlast – Better Late Than Never, But This is Ridiculous!

BombSquad’s 6 Year Anniversary BackBlast – Better Late Than Never, But This is Ridiculous!

Workout Date:



Quaker, Spork, Skid Kong, Beefsteak


21 Pax - You know who you are

The Thang:

AO: BombSquad

Conditions: New Years Day 2022, Perfect

This was the day, almost! BombSquad was established 1/2/2016 by a hardy band of brothers from Warthog (including but not limited to Bling, One Call, Lombardi, Billboard, & Handy Manny) who knew the Carolina Forest area was in dire need of some invigoration of male community leadership! It was the perfect place to create a new AO; smack dab in the middle of what would soon become the epicenter of a population boom!!

The location had it all, plenty of parking lots, baseball fields, a football field, & even a small porch for inclement weather.  Sunshine was one of the 1st FNG’s EH’d to the AO and he quickly became and EHing machine in his own right. By the time YHC arrived on the scene, near the end of June 2016, BombSquad was posting 15 to 18 Pax every Monday & Wednesday (Saturday Beatdowns were not instituted until later that summer).

Since its inception, BombSquad has been an integral part of F3GrandStrand as we left no man behind but left no man where we found him. Pax have come and gone and come back again, but through it all, the brotherhood continues to grow and become stronger. Over the years every Pax who identifies BombSquad as their home AO has contributed to its vitality, longevity, and strength. A special thanks goes out to the 5 men who stepped up to lead BombSquad as its AOQ (High Interest, YHC, Skidmark, Spork, & Beef Steak) over the past 5 years. Through their dedication and leadership, BombSquad has thrived during every season and every challenge. We look forward to even greater heights moving into the 6th year as CrossStitch takes the helm.

To commemorate our 6 years of existence, our current AOQ (Beef Steak), 3 three past AOQs (SkidKong, Spork, & YHC) split the Qing duties.

We had 21 Pax in attendance. This is what I think happened.

5:59 – One Minute Warning given by Beef Steak

6:00 – Proper Disclaimer

AO: BombSquad

Conditions: Perfect

As the dusted settled and the mumblechatter got dialed up, YHC stepped to the center of the COP for some well-deserved calisthenics & trivia

Circle of Pain by Quaker

Q1: What Month did BombSquad begin? .  .  . Answer:  January

10 Burpees OYO

Q2: What year did BombSquad begin?  . . . Answer: 2016

20 Hairy Rockets & 16 Side Straddle Hops

Q3: What day did BombSquad begin? . . . Answer:  2nd

10 Burpees

Q4: Who was the 1st AOQ of BombSquad? . . . Answer: High Interest

15 Imperial Walkers IC

Q5: How many letters in “High Interest” . . . multiple wrong answers!! Until Beef Steak called out  . . . Answer: 12

22 merkins OYO

Manziel vs. Manziel: Name the 5 Core Principals (Winner Keeps his F3 Name)

Manziel North – “Free”

Manziel South – “Outside rain or shine, hot or cold”

Manziel North – “Peer Led”

Manziel South – “Ends with a Circle of Trust”

Manziel North – “Open to all men”

We called it a tie . . . well done Manziel!!

20 Little Baby Arm Circles in Cadence

20 Little Baby Arm Circles in Reverse in Cadence

Beatdown was passed to Spork

Spork – mosey to the large Parking Lot


50 – Burpees

75 – Overhead Press

100 – Merkins

125 – Big Boy Sit-ups

150 – Squats

Beatdown was passed to SkidKong

Parking Lot Punishers

Line up on the south side of large parking lot

Bearcrawl 2 parking lines then 1 merkin then bearcrawl 2 parking lot lines then 1 merkin until we reached the north end of the parking lot.

Mosey to the start

Lunge 2 parking lot lines then 1 squat . . . etc., etc.

Mosey to the start

Crabwalk 2 parking lot lines then 1 big boy sit-ups . . . etc., etc.

Broad Jump 2 parking lot lines then 1 Burpee . . . etc., etc.

Mosey to the start

Beatdown was passed to Beef Steak

Mosey to the Football Field

Playin’ the Field

3 teams – one PAX sprints then does exercise then sprints then exercise at each cone – when PAX 1 begins exercising at 2nd cone then the next pax in line begins.  . . etc., etc., (cones were set out 10 yds, 25 yds., 50 yds., and 75yds.). After completing the exercise at the final cone, we sprinted back to the start.

Set 1 – 5 Burpees at each cone

Set 2 – 10 Squats at each cone

Set 3 – 15  merkins at each cone

Set 4 – 20 Plank Jacks at each cone

Mosey to Shovel Flag for some well deserved stretching

7:00 am – Time Called

Count-o-Rama = 21


Announcements: Welcome CrossStitch as our new AOQ

Prayers & Praise: Praise for our past AOQs & Prayers for our new AOQ

Moleskin: YHC wrote this backblast 37 days after the actual event & it took another 37 days to post it.  If anything written does not match your recollection, I apologize. All I really remember is that we had a great turnout, shared some laughs, and some pain. The state of the AO is strong!!






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