Bootcamp relay

Bootcamp relay

Workout Date:






The Thang:

Warm up  20 ssh ic

20 windmills ic

20 little baby arm circles ic

20 tempo squats

Now it’s time to mosey to to the baseball field to borrow a bench (just like old times) for 20 dirtkins and 20 back arm dips. I gave each pax 10 merkins to give out at any time throughout the work out. Then just as me started to move agin Grasspatch stoped u with 10 burpees (not merkins) so we thanked him and  continue to the football field where I put out cones on the 25 yard line the 50 yard line the 75 yard line and the 100 yard line that’s where I tried to explain what to do.  So we crawl beared to the first cone did five Burpee‘s and run back, we lunged to the second cone did 10 merkins and run back, bear crawled to the third cone and did 15 Mt climbers run back, bunny hopped to the last cone and did 20 pax choice and run back. There was a catch though every time you passed a cone  (both ways) you had to do the exercise that went with it. That put us at 35 burpees 50 merkins and 45 mt climbers and 20 pax choice which was everything from burpees to pull-ups. After Everyone had completed that we held plank and then mosey back towards the AO.  Everyone hair completed that we held plank and then mosey back towards the AO.  Along the way a guard rail caught my eye so we stoped for 20 dirtkins and 25 backarms. When we got back we have 15 minutes left so I figured we would play a little catch me if you can one pax would do 3 Lbc’s while the other run backwards while being  chased. One round of that was enough  so we circled up for some pax choice. And instead of a bible verse today I wanted to share something that I had herd from a workout in Charleston

“Every friendship, no matter how fun and rowdy it is, must be in part about guarding one another, about pointing out danger, otherwise, it is no friendship. It is just two men using each other, unconcerned about each other’s well-being.


We don’t betray with our words; we don’t back stab. Correction happens in private. Gossip and undercutting never happen at all. This is because all friendship is a form of covenant, a bond of mutual defense and support. And manly men keep their covenants.


True friends stand in harm’s way for each other. True friends take the hit for one another. It is cowardly to walk closely with a man to enjoy the benefits of his friendship but then abandon him when he is under attack.


True friendship leave scars. Most men won’t pay the price. It’s why they will always live in a sea of casual relationships and discarded friends. Genuine men stand with their friends and look on the scats that result as signs of manly honor.”

 Then I prayed us out Thanks for the chance to lead 

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