Boxcar does NOT melt!!!! Official AOQ hand off…

Boxcar does NOT melt!!!! Official AOQ hand off…

Workout Date:





Hoser, Valvano, Boxcar, OneCall (QIC)

The Thang:

70.  Humid.  Then it rained from 0540 on.

Time for some hard work on another Monday of #EM.  Brilliant plan put together!!  Grabbed the only other PL participant this am BC as Lombardi is nursing an injury, Bling is DR and Geno hates us.  Met up with Hoser and Valvano in the parking lot…to Valvano being shocked to see BC since there was rain in the forecast.  We didn’t check so showed up and good thing I had already locked the truck as BC literally dove to try to get back in!!!  HA..he was stuck with us now.

1 minute warning.  Lights on.  EM Disclaimer.

Ruck a lap to warm up
Ruck 3/4 lap to the other side of stairs  and up and down each flight of stairs
Rucks off – Run a 3/4 lap to the other side of stairs  and up and down each flight of stairs
Run 100 yards back and then up and down each flight of stairs 2 steps at a time
Ruck a lap
Ruck a 3/4 lap with sandbags and up a flight, over, down, over, up, over down
(Man rucking stairs with any extra weight is hard!  25 extra lbs for BC, 60+ for Hoser and YHC, Probably 120 for V)
The rain really starting coming down at this point so I got us off the slippery steps
Ruck a lap to get our legs back from the sandbag steps

Bags on goal line – clean and toss to the 10, run to 50 and back
Clean and toss to the 20, run to 50 and back.  ETC to the 50.
Turn around, 2-handed drag the bag from the 50 to the 40, run to goal and back; ETC – every 10 yards
From goal, walk to 25, mosey to 50, sprint to opposite goal
Rinse and repeat back

Sandbag ruck lap
Just ruck lap moseying the 100 yard straightaways


Count-O-Rama – 4
Prayer requests for 4 year old Travis/family – after a severe accident Mayhem saw
Prayer requests for Valvano’s dad, Lombardi recovering
Prayer requests unspoken


– A little modification away from the stairs once the rain starting coming down heavy.  Didn’t want anyone slipping.
– Valvano officially handed off the non-existent flag (#EM been around at least 2 years I think – maybe time to get that done!)  BC will do a great job!!  4x a month should be doable to fill a Q sheet.  V had to give it up as he took on the 1st F Q duties – anyone see him rucking with 95 lbs in his ruck, doing bootcamps with a weight vest, running 2-3 5ks a week.  The man is a beast.  He is also looking to form a F3GS BRR team so if you have an interest in doing that…DM him!
– Always awesome to have Hoser with us!!  LEGO VIP!

– Freed to Bleed – THIS FRIDAY – 10/29 – Join the F3 GrandStrand team – link in the Slack channel
– Costume or tacky tank top convergence next weekend – 10/30 – at #Warthog for Halloween.  Always a great time!
– F3GrandStrand Annual Christmas party has been confirmed!!!  December 11 at Waterway Palms Clubhouse



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