Boxcar-O’Douls Duet Debut

Boxcar-O’Douls Duet Debut

Workout Date:





Drifter, Ditel, Surfboard, TinyToeTouch, ERC, Texas Ranger, Rubber, SpeedBump, Coat Hanger, Camel, Boxcar (QIC), Jetah, Elmers, Zap (FNG)

The Thang:

Conditions– Mid 60s and calm winds- beautiful weather

Boxcar and I received a text from Cross Stitch last month to see if me and my man, Boxcar were interested in Qing during the Big Brother- Little Brother Q for the month of October. Boxcar was one of the PAX (along with Skidmark/Skid Kong or whatever he goes by these days and High Interest) who EH’d me back in 2018 to F3. I’m thankful for Boxcar pushing me to join this awesome group. My life has changed forever for the better. I jumped on the opportunity to Q it up with my man (who by the way is in amazing shape right now after coming off the Blue Ridge relay run).

Disclaimer and mission statement was given by YHC AKA “little brother”.

We had an FNG who was EH’d by Quaker (now known as Zap). I advised him to just follow and he’ll understand in a few months what we are doing here 🙂



20- HBs YHC IC

20- IWs YHC IC


15- Good Mornings YHC IC

20 -Chinooks YHC IC in squat position

20- Chinooks YHC IR IC (change direction) in squat position

15- Big Arm Circles YHC IC

15- Big Arm Cricles YHC IR IC


The Thang

Mosey around AO and stop to do following set of exercises:

10 Merkins IC YHC , 20 LBCs IC Boxcar, mosey

10 Merkins IC YHC, 20 LBCs IC Boxcar, 30 SSHs YHC, mosey

10 Merkins IC, 20 LBCs IC, 30 SSHs YHC IC, 40 Tempo Squats YHC IC

Mosey to block pile and partner up for DORA exercises:

100 OPs while partner mosey to 2nd post

200 calf raises while partner mosey

100 curls while partner mosey

50 overblock leg raises while partner mosey (count right side block only)

Return coupons



15 Flutters, I mean rubber kicks, Rubber IC




Name FNG- Zap…. Zap recently retired here from Conn. where he worked for a electric power company.

Announcements- PAX challenge, Big/Little Brother challenge at BS, 10/29- Halloween convergence at the Plank, 12/3- Holiday party details TBD, upcoming 2nd F lunches

I prayed us out- just unspoken prayers today and I specifically prayed for all of the PAX families.

As always, it’s an honor to lead, especially with a very special brother, Boxcar. Thanks for the invite almost 5 years ago!

AYE! Cheers!