Boxcar requested an Intro to Rucking Q (for everybody else!)

Boxcar requested an Intro to Rucking Q (for everybody else!)

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Beefsteak, Bling, Valvano, High Interest, El Red Cardo, Rocky Top, Humpback, Rubber, Quaker, War Eagle, Vitamin D, OneCall (QIC)

The Thang:

54.  Rain held up

Boxcar, as AOQ of #TheVillage, asked for an intro to Rucking Q for the guys, and I assumed for him!  YHC already was signed up for today, so a weinke change was made and the plan was set.  Not being sure who had rucked, who had rucks/backbacks, etc, YHC put out the call to the “Ruckers” for assistance.  And like the amazing community that F3 is and GRTs are, YHC had his extra ruck, Cheesy’s ruck, Weedeater’s ruck (although it is LIGHT – 24.6 lbs for some reason), Flop who went out of his way to drop his off this morning, an extra of High Interests, extra weights from Valvano and YHC, extra sandbags from Bling and Valvano.  Whew.  Good thing F3 is FREE!!!

I picked up my carpool buddy, and the only CLEAR CHOICE FOR BROMANCE OF THE YEAR (unless Boxcar and Skidmark were snuggled up somewhere???), and we talked about how sore we were from Valvano’s #WaveRucker Q and then talked some other fun stuff.  Arrived on site, “pre-rucked” in the car to get a 1 mile distance, unloaded everything – 2 logs, 4 sandbags, 5 rucks, extra plates – and waited.

1 minute warning

No rucks
SSH’s x 20IC
Stretch a tad bit

Ruck up
Merkins x 15 Single count
Squats x 15 Single count
BBSU x 15 Single count

Burpees – different form while wearing ruck – 5 OYO

Plank a bit.  Talk a bit.  Keep knees off ground.  Stand up.
Anybody put knees on ground?  If so, 5 burpees.  Rubber starts doing them.  Well, we will all do them!

Head to grass
Rucks off on ground in front – Merkin on ruck, up on knees, shoulder press ruck – 15 OYO
Flutters while pressing ruck x 15 presses – keep legs fluttering
American Hammers with rucks held or hugged x 15 OYO
Rucks on front – Crab walk back 10 paces to get that feel, then 10 paces back in center
Rucks on front – Squats x 15 Single Count
Line up, lunge 15 paces out
Turn around, lock arms, 15 paces back on Beefsteak’s call out
Recovery ruck around the field, and for the return to start, bear crawl!

Ok, now we would do our 1 mile ruck.  Standard of 18 minutes.  Grab everything, stay in 2×2 formation, trade out as needed, get under everything if you can.  Teamwork and helping one another are key.  The 80lb sandbag truly sucks.  The 100 lb log is very tough too.
Leaving and going around the 1 mile loop to get back to start and reline everything up nice – BOOM – 17:44
GREAT work!!

Plank for a bit
2 minute ruck OH hold while chatting about rucking


Count-O-Rama – 12
Prayer requests for those traveling, especially those with kids traveling!  Humpback 28 hours!
Prayer requests for schools, law enforcement and social media threat situation
Prayer requests unspoken

– YHC really enjoys rucking.  The fellowship and community is awesome and I am glad to share it.  I appreciate everyone trying something new.  As I expected, everyone killed the workout, as these guys are FIT.  Hopefully, y’all enjoyed it and anyone that wants to try some more, join us for #WaverRucker on Wednesdays.
– #TClaps to Rubber – we were 1 ruck short, so he grabbed a sandbag.  Well, it was Bling’s 58 lber.  A little harder to do some of this stuff than with a 30 lb ruck, but he smoked it.
– Quaker had a lovely backpack that he had today’s SS Case piled in – probably 75 lbs!!
– Rocky Top grabbed some cinderblocks for his ruck which was awesome to see!
– Bling’s form was, as he called it, #NearPerfect.  I guess definitions vary
– High Interest and Valvano as seasoned ruckers were there to help with the weights as the TEAM does in GORUCK events
– Vitamin D, El Red Cardo and Beefsteak are animals!
– Humpback and War Eagle I don’t think knew what to expect but they crushed the workout!

– Huge UGLY SWEATER Christmas Convergence this Saturday, December 22 at 0700 at #BombSquad!!  DO NOT MISS!!  #Coffeeteria on site!!
– #3rdF starting back up in 2019 – look for information forthcoming from Vitamin D – a survey for days, times, etc. – Q source leadership development
– Bling has an #AmazingPackage DEAL!  Deal gentlemen – ongoing local shirt, trucker hat, keychain bottle opener order.  Stuff is awesome!  It will be there Saturday for all to look at!
– We think the Q sheet is looking good, but as Bling pointed out, the AOQ was not present to confirm!


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