Bridge Brigade

Bridge Brigade

Workout Date:






The Thang:

Conditions: 40 felt like 40 The Pax were interested if we all needed our respirators due to Enron’s rot smelling glove, pretty sure he’s afraid to use his M’s wash machine at this point!
The Thang consisted of running to robert edge bridge with a beatdown to the top, every other street lamp 5 burpees and 10 jump squats in alternating fashion! Descending back down with 4 count lbc & flutters alternating again!
Plenty of mumble chatter to boot as I deemed the Burgandy bridge title since he hasn’t Q’d for some time I thought to self, self it’s time!
Run back to the AO for a round of Mary, American hammers, heels to heaven, 45 LBC’s, pretzel crunch and Jane Fonda’s! To finish Frankenstein’s across parking lot then sprint back.
Honor to lead Timeshare has grown in numbers and brotherhood!

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