Bridge Work!! Everybody Wants Some. . .I Want Some, too!!!

Bridge Work!! Everybody Wants Some. . .I Want Some, too!!!

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Hamburglar, HotTub, High Interest, Skimmer, Skidmark, Sunshine, Texas Ranger, El Red Cardo, Quaker

The Thang:

AO: Hulkamania

Conditions: 78 degrees, somewhat humid

Last night YHC tweeted out PAX testimonials from previous weeks at #Hulkamania in hopes of sparking some interest with new and old PAX. 9 HIM answered the call!! YHC was first to arrive, followed shortly by Sunshine. Then Texas Ranger pulled up. Hambuglar HC Wednesday at #BombSquad’s Beatdown and came into the parking lot with some trepidation . . .wide eyed and bushy tailed. This was his first visit to #Hulkamania and he was probably wondering if he would  encounter the massive arms that he normally sees at #BeachBells. No worries, Sunshine & Texas Ranger were in a tank tops, High Interest & YHC were sleeveless and HotTub & ERC would not doubt be running at some point shirtless!! So yes, the guns were out!! Although it was hot & humid this a.m. it felt like the 80’s Cold War!! #ArmsRace!  The PAX just kept rolling in until our numbers swelled to 9! HotTub took the Q and half joked that it’s a new month and a new opportunity for our obligatory Bridge Work. HotTub called the 1-minute warning as the headlamps were lit . . .then we were off!!

North down Frontage Road, then left onto Col. Bob Bell Path (CBBP). Up and over Mt. Zeb as we continued east, straight on the CBBP into the gloom. As we ran we enjoyed music and mumblechatter as we enter a forested section of the CBBP. As we emerged from the treelined path, it turned north and we continued to run parallel to Bypass 17.

At 63rd Avenue N, we turned left again and headed west towards Marina Blvd. When the lead PAX intersected at Marina Blvd, we stayed in the turn-about and ran 4 loops until the Six caught up to the leaders. Everyone finished at least one loop of the turn-about then we existed to head east the way we came back down 63rd Avenue N. At the intersection of Claire-Epps Drive we turned right towards the YMCA.

Just before entering the YMCA parking lot, we took a left on the walking path which leads past the Barc Parc and back to the CBBP. As we ran the CBBP towards the foot of the Bridge (i.e. Mt Zeb) we encountered two additional PAX (Brown Bag & Crankbait) out for a morning jog from #TheVillage. After flying high fives with Brown Bag & Crankbait, they continued eastward and we circled back for the Six once more.  We then ran to the starting line at the foot of the Bridge, circled up and received instructions from our Q. . . . “Time for Bridge Work”

4 Groups were formed. The plan was to start on any yard marker (i.e. 50 yrd, 100 yrd .. . 300 yrd) on the east side of the bridge and run to the west side of the bridge. At the westside of the bridge each group would turn around and run back the way we came but turn around 50 yrds higher on the bridge (i.e. if you start at 50 yrds, on your return trip you  turn around at 100 yrds, then 150 yrds, then 200 yrds, etc.etc.). After turning around at the next yrd marker, each PAX would again run the Bridge to the west side before turning around for their next return trip east (less 50 yrds).

At the 40-minute mark, HotTub instructed everyone to finish wherever they were at and run back to the Hulk! When each PAX ran onto Frontage Road, we all finished with a full sprint (200 yrds) back to the starting point!!

NOTE: All PAX Groups started on the 50 yrd marker.

NOTE: Texas Ranger ran full 45 minute with no stops for inhaler!! #Gettin’Better

NOTE: Hambuglar started in the front & finished in the front . . . This PAX can run even with the additional wind resistance from his summer sweater!!

NOTE: Sunshine also finished in the front of the pack but had no additional wind resistance due to recent manscaping of the chest!

NOTE: Skimmer had no idea he’s been training for the Mini Marathon for the past 2 weeks!! He might as well just sign up!

NOTE: High Interest lost 5lbs last week just by running (and drinking less beer 😊)

NOTE: Running makes you younger

Count-o-rama = 9


Prayers led by HotTub




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