Bringing a little bit of history to Elevation Monday.

Bringing a little bit of history to Elevation Monday.

Workout Date:





Bling, Lombardi, Boxcar, Headgear, Castaway, Hoser (YHC)

The Thang:

YHC has been on the fence about Qing this morning for about two weeks. With elevation Monday the day after the 4th and knowing that would be a long night, the thought of sleeping in was very appealing. However I was able to shut my brain off and commit to the Q. YCH put at the announcement that I had the Q and to HC with the state that you were either born in or grew up in. We had 9 pax HC.

The weather this past weekend has been unseasonably beautiful, and this morning was no exception. 5 pax were in the parking lot waiting for YHC to arrive. Thank goodness Boxcar was there to get us into the stadium. Guess with today being the recognized holiday for the 4th the City had no plans on opening Doug Shaw. The pax circled up by the end zone where YHC shared a little history with the pax there were present.

For the Q today we were going to pay tribute to the anniversary of the battle of Gettysburg. With the battle taking place July 1-3 1863. The reason I had the pax HC with their home state was because I did some research on some of the state regiments from each state that fought in the battle and assigned each pax to one.

The battle of Gettysburg was part of the Gettysburg Campaign. The Gettysburg Campaign lasted from June 3rd – July 24 which started with Gen. Lee’s invasion of Pennsylvania and would continue until his retreat back to Virginia. The campaign would consist of 17 battles in and around Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. Most if these engagements would lost only a day or two, with the Battle of Gettysburg being the longest, biggest, and bloodiest battle of the campaign. There would be 72 Medal of Honor recipients during this campaign.

The battle of Gettysburg was the deadliest battle of the Civil War. This battle would have the largest number of casualties. The two armies suffered between 46,000 and 51,000 casualties, nearly one third of all total troops engaged. Of the 72 Medal of Honor recipients, 64 would be due to this battle alone. This battle is often called the turning point of the Civil War.

Boxcar and Bling were assigned to the 149th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment. This regiment was know as the 2nd Buck tail Regiment because each member had a buck tail tied to their hat to symbolize their marksmanship. This regiment had a casualty rate 74.7%. This regiment saw action on McPherson Ridge on July 1. They were hustled along by Major Gen. Reynolds and had to double time march a distance of two miles. Many of the troopers were out of formation, exhausted and near dehydration from sweat when they arrived. Much like Bling is during a normal workout.

YHC was assigned to The California Regiment. Thats right there was a California Regiment in Gettysburg. Well, sort of. The California Regiment was formed in Philadelphia Pennsylvania and filled by men from the city that were recruited by Oregon Senator Edward Dickinson Baker. Senator Baker was was born in London and moved to Philadelphia. He would then move to Illinois where we would be became a lawyer and was admitted to the bar, and also befriended another lawyer by the name of Abraham Lincoln. He would then move to California and then Oregon where he became a senator. As a favor to him his regiment was to be called the 1st California. After Senator Baker was killed in the Battle of Ball’s Bluff, becoming the only sitting U.S. senator ever to be killed in a military engagement, in November 1861 the regiment was folded into the Philadelphia Brigade. This brigade was positioned at the “angle” on Cemetery Ridge where they repulsed the Pickett/Pettigrew Assault on July 3rd.

With Lombardi being born outside of the US. YHC assigned him to Iowa. Iowa regiments did not fight in Gettysburg. They were deployed to the Western Theater in Missouri, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Tennessee. These regiments would also team up with Gen. Sherman and fight in Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina.

Castaway was assigned to the 2nd South Carolina Infantry Regiment in Kershaw’s Brigade. They fought at the Peach Orchard, and the Wheat Field. These were two of the most savage fighting spots in the battle. This brigade would suffer a 50% casualty rate.

Headgear was assigned to the 1st Texas Infantry Regiment. They were station on Seminary ridge and would fight in the the Devils Den.

After all that was shared, YHC explained what the first movement was going to be. With Rucks only we were going to do a version of the “Lineman’s Mile”. The 1st 100 meters are a normal ruck, the 2nd 100 meters were done with rucks overhead, the 3rd 100 meters are done with a front ruck cary, the 4th 100 meters were would go up and down each section of the bleachers. This was done for 4 laps. After we finished we did a recovery lap.

With 13ish minuted left and nothing else planned, it was time for YHC to pull something from somewhere to fill the time. YHC had the pax place their sandbags on the goal line and we were going to do Sandbag toss suicides for 11 minutes. The pax would do a sandbag toss to the 10 yard line then run to back to the goal line and back to their sandbag and toss it agin for 10 yards and repeat. Most pax got to the far side 10 – 20 yard line. YHC was in last place back at the 30 or 40. With 5 minutes remaining we started working our way back to our rucks keeping the same pattern. With 30 seconds left we carried out sandbags the remainder of the way.



  • July 10- CPR class taught by YHC. Class will be at Fire Station 3 (2108 South Kings Highway MB SC 29577) cost of the class is $5 to cover the cost of your CPT card. Class will start at 0900 and should end by 1200. This is open to pax, M’s and 2.0’s. There is no minimal age but most people say 12 is a good starting point.
  • July 16- Freed to bleed. Get out there and donate.
  • July 17- CWP class. Get with Valvano for more information.

Prayer Requests:

  • None Spoken
  • YHC closed us out in prayer.


Huge thank you to the pax that came out this morning and came ready to work. I know that this is a day off for all of you and I appreciate you getting up and allowing me to led you gentlemen this morning. I hope it was not a wast of your time.

To all of us, I urge you to get out there and experience these historical sites. There is so much more at these sites than what is shared in history books. There is no guarantee that these sites are going to be here forever, all it takes is a stroke of a pen from someone in Washington and they can be gone. Teach your 2.0’s about what happen at these places, why it happened, and what we can all learn from it.

If you have not been to the Gettysburg Battlefield yet or its been several years I urge you to go visit. The visitor center is top notch. They have a beautiful cyclorama detailing the battle. The self guided tour is amazing.

If your interested in some outstanding books about the Civil War here are my favorites:

  • The Civil War, by Geoffrey C. Ward, Rick Burns and Ken Burns
  • Fields of Honor, by Edwin C. Bearss
  • Gettysburg, by Stephen W. Sears
  • Landscape Turned Red, By Stephen W. Sears
  • Antietam, by James McPherson
  • Battle Cry of Freedom, James McPherson
  • The Civil War: A Narrative, By Shelby Foote (An amazing Southern perspective of the Civil War)
  • The Killer Angels: A Novel of the Civil War, by Michael Shaara (While this is historical fiction, it still is a great read with a lot of accurate information, and was the base of the movie Gettysburg, a great move if you have not seen it)

Alright, that all for now. Class dismissed.

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