Bringing Coupons Back

Bringing Coupons Back

Workout Date:





Vitamin D, Flyover, Feathers (2.0), Buffet, Quaker, Judee Chop: Rousey, High Interest

The Thang:

Conditions:  The weather channel the night before said clear and 43degrees.  It was wrong.  The temp was a crisp 36 degrees.  I arrived just a tad bit early to set up cones and Rousey was eager to get his chop on and beat me by a min or so.  He had 2.0 Feathers in tow who was anxious to join the bootcamp beatdown rather be thrown by Dear ol’ Dad.  High Interest showed up next followed by the usual Judee Chop PAX.  Once all had arrived, the temp (hard cold ground) must have discouraged most PAX from Judo and 5 PAX joined me for the bootcamp leaving High Interest to fend for himself against Rousey.

1 min warning:


SSH x 20 IC

5 merkins OYO


10 Mekins

Imperial Walkers x 20 IC

15 Merkins OYO

Windmills x 25 IC

Lil’ baby Arm Circles x 15 IC
Reverse x 15 IC
Over Head Clap x 15 IC

22 Merkins OYO

Judee Chop PAX split off from the group

Burpee Mile: 12 burpees followed by 1/4 mile (full lap around AO parking lots); repeat 4 times

Dan Taylors: 1 squat followed by 4 lunges (each leg), repeat in 1:4 ratio i.e. 2:8, 3:12, etc to 7:28

Mosey to large parking lot

Bearpee lot shuffle (bear crawl from parking space to space with burpee at each line).  There was some mumble chatter indicating some wanting more crawling.  Maybe next time this should be done as a suicide. Rinse and repeat back.

Mosey to rear parking lot

Plank Hurdles: groups of 3 with 9 cones evenly spaced (10 yes each) all PAX of group plank at first cone. Pax1 runs to first cone and planks, Pax2 runs, hurdles Pax1 to second cone and planks. Pax3 runs and hurdles others to come 3 and planks. Continue until all pax planking at other end at cone 8. Round two, repeat the other way to start.

Mosey to coupon pile

Colt 45: curles with coupon 15 reps from bottom to mid, 15 from mid to top and 15 full reps.

Block webbs: eachPax with coupon. 1 merkin on coupon, 4 Over head press with coupon. Repeat 1:4 ratio increasing each round to 6:24.

Colt 45: curles with coupon 15 reps from bottom to mid, 15 from mid to top and 15 full reps.

Mary at flag.
PAX Choice: All PAX chose favorite from exicon

COT: announcements- Christmas party RSVPs needed and to pay Podcast, Q sheet is open for Dec., Ugly Sweater Convergence at warthog coming up, Operation Sweet Tooth, Pay it Forward food drive held by Sunshine to benefit MB Community Kitchen.

No Prayer requests.  Vitamin D prayed.

Coffeeteria to be held at Early Risers.

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